Standard Notation Sucks - Visualize Beats on a Rhythm Wheel

Flat out, standard notation sucks for visualizing rhythms.

standard notation music

There is a far more intuitive method that ties rhythm more closely to time.  Check out the Rhythm Wheel in the TED-Ed video below.

You'll learn a new way to internalize beats and hear some awesome music from around the world.  And best of all, it's only 5 minutes long...

I feel like I'm really going to have to up my skills in mental spatial manipulation before I can actually apply this clock motif while performing though.  It definitely provides insights in terms of understanding though.

rhythm wheel

I feel like this would be a simple system to completely get rid of conductors and maestros though...

Now I know the secret all of you percussionists have been hiding from the rest of us!

* Goes to buy some bongo's... Can only afford an egg shaker and a kazoo :-( *

I bought Toy's R Us clean out of maracas though.

kids maracas percussion

I've actually recorded with kid's toy instruments before.  You'd never know after a little mixing.  Major recording artists have even recorded jingling the change in their pockets.

Get creative!