Short Recognizable Ringtones Arranged Into Full Songs

I'm considering this a lesson... a lesson in motivation and inspiration.

So many times us songwriters will come with something we feel is extremely catchy or meaningful, but it's only five or six notes.  We'd love to incorporate it into one of our songs but it doesn't fit.  We can't hear an entire new song in our head that this would work with.  We aren't sure what emotion it transmits to the listener.

tony ann piano ringtones

Who cares?  Let the short melody guide the arrangement!  Let the melody choose the chords and let the chords resolve as you normally would.  Everything comes out of the tiniest piece of inspiration.  If that one, small piece of melody is as strong as you think, that's all you need to have a worldwide hit on your hands.

Tony Ann shows you what I mean.


I actually had one of these...

He's taken all of the extremely recognizable default ringtones we've all had to suffer throughout the past decade from every mobile phone company.  They are great at first until you've heard them a million times.  Then 10 years pass and you hear them again and immediately know them, because they were that powerful.

Tony sat down at his piano and fleshed it out to show us how it's as easy to move forward as it is to give up!

From Apple and Verizon to T-Mobile and Nokia... he even hits up Samsung and AT&T.  Zero excuses.  Inspiration is everywhere (They say the best inspiration are the stolen ideas that you hide the best...)!

No more writer's block whining!  One tiny speck of a melody is all you need.