Life is so crazy, and it’s inevitable that musicians are going to intertwine their craft with the most important events of their lives. The Life category of the Ledger Note Blog shows just how important music is to each and every one of us, especially in those major moments. This is how music impacts our lives.

The Aztec Death Whistle Will Give You Horrific Nightmares

Updated: Life

The Aztecs made countless types of noisemakers and musical instruments. Using clay, sugar cane, turkey feathers, ores, frog skins, and much more, they were able to create sounds to be associated with many life events. They had conch shells for ceremonies, ocarinas for making animal grunts to attract deer, flutes for traditional music entertainment. Some […]

The Sharpsichord - A Giant, Solar-Powered Pin-Barrel Harp

Updated: Life

What happens when you give a quirky inventor $126k to invent an instrument? This... Henry Dagg is a sculptor who was commission by the English Folk Dance & Song Society for the hefty sum of £56,000 to invent three art installations relating to music and sound. Not one to be limited by such a pittance […]

A School Boy's Yearbook Ambition to Sell a Million Records

Updated: Life

This is one of those stories that has a surprise ending, so stick around for the reveal! Strange and interesting things are happening around us all the time.  It used to be that you'd hear about some story that happened to your friend's cousin's neighbor's dad and you'd dismiss it with a chuckle because it […]

NoCro News Drops an Insane Rap Video in the Morning Broadcast

Updated: Life

On February 27th, 2017, the NoCro News dropped some serious fire. Totally unexpectedly. This is a small, obscure Youtube channel that posts the daily NoCro News clips and usually gets a few dozen views, but on this fateful day, anyone who watched it was in for a surprise. Once in a blue moon someone sneaks […]

Animusic's Pipe Dreams - You'll Remember This!

Updated: Life

If you are within the age range of, let's say... 25-35 or so, then you'll remember this video.  You don't know that you remember.  It will burst forth from the deepest recesses of your memory, and you'll be like "OH YEAH!" And that, my friends, is the Animusic masterpiece called Pipe Dreams.  The Animusic team […]

Shovel Blues on the Fretless 3-String Shovel Guitar!

Updated: Life

Justin Johnson has not only mastered the guitar but mastered making them as well.  That just seems to be the natural progression guitarists take.  I've known several that became just as passionate about woodworking all in the name of learning to make their own guitars.  If you can pull it off and get a reputation […]