Animusic's Pipe Dreams - You'll Remember This!

If you are within the age range of, let's say... 25-35 or so, then you'll remember this video.  You don't know that you remember.  It will burst forth from the deepest recesses of your memory, and you'll be like "OH YEAH!"

animusic logo

And that, my friends, is the Animusic masterpiece called Pipe Dreams.  The Animusic team are mad geniuses who write the craziest music and then animate it in nutty 3D CGI.  Pipe Dreams was their "single," I guess.  It ended up on PBS, CNN, and in every single school in the nation as far as I can tell.  They were putting The Matrix and all of these other late 90's computer graphic movies to shame and deserve all of the recognition they got and way more.

I remember those days when the teacher was like "screw it, we're having a movie day."  He'd dim the lights, half the kid's would put their heads down and miss out like idiots as the teacher rolled that big cart with the CRT TV and VCR out on it, and hit play.  And we'd all get blown away by this madness:

That was the jam.  Each song had different instrumentation and concepts to the animation.  I remember laser shows with robot guitarists and all kinds of stuff.  But these Rube Goldberg style ones were always the best to me.

This team literally impacted an entire generation of society.  So much so that they actually after all these years decided to pump out Animusic 3 and got it completely funded on Kickstarter!

If you dig it, support the crew and scoop up Animusic 1 & 2.  Get comfortable, partake in your favorite "evening time enjoyments," and get your mind blown.  There's not been anything this sci-fi and new age-ish since the Cocoon movie came out in the 80's.  If you need more convincing, check out these screenshots...

animusic cathedral

That one is called Cathedral. This next one is from Starship Groove:

animusic starship groove

Of course it can't all happen in outer space, so you'll dive under the ocean for Fiber Bundles:

animusic fiber bundles

If that doesn't do the trick and you managed to avoid getting sucked into watching the video above, look at the classic Pipe Dreams:

animusic pipe dreams

Of course there's tons more songs and animations, but I can't spoil it all.  Take a trip down memory lane and grab the DVD's at the link above.  They're quite the adventure!