Dude Dies, Comes Back, & Busts an Acapella?

Life is crazy enough itself without trying to wonder about the afterlife.  Is there one or is there not?  The only way to know is to fully shed your mortal coil and then manage to come back.  You could even argue that coming back means you never really passed on.

Yes, life is crazy enough.  But life after death... in song form?  Get ready to have your mind blown...

new age afterlife

This guy straight up bit the dust and came back.  He also happens to like to write little ditties and sing them in his pantry in various states of dress.  We have to trust his report of the experience and there's very little reason to believe he's lying.  But does his report align with the reality of what happens after we move on beyond this world?  Well...

Add it all together and you have an incredible spiritual acapella complete with a pop modulation at the end.

Get ready for some honestly beautiful imagery, true or not, to be planted in your head:

He's talking about inner joy, peace and happiness, serenity.  If you pay attention closely, he says he "almost died" which deals with the question of "does it really count if you come back."  He's saying it does count.  He said he got the full replaying of his life in a momentary flashback while being interviewed by wise beings, but it was euphoric and not remotely scary.

He points out that imagination is the key and that thoughts become reality... I'm down with some new age stuff because it's all "feel good" stuff, but when it gets buttered up too much it makes me a bit hesitant to take it all on face value.  Too many people have weird agendas they feel the need to push.  I don't care though, I like this guy.  I'd bro down with him and try to make some dope recordings.

Now, let me warn you.  If you're like me, you enjoyed hearing this guy sing about wise beings and bathing in the pure light of love.  Don't make the mistake I did and decide to go check out the rest of his channel.  It's full of complete perversion, fart jokes, and this guy dancing around in his whitey tighties...

afterlife acapella song

Unless you're into that kind of thing... then you too can experience your personal heaven!  I don't necessarily peruse videos of old dudes singing in their panties, but that's definitely how I watch videos in general.  I can't be bothered to get dressed every day.  I roll out of bed and straight into the office to post nonsense here on this blog.  I don't need a suit and tie for that!

spiritual ascension

As cool as this story is, if you really want to take it to the next level, take a look at what Carlos Santana said happened to him when he made contact with the Archangel Metatron.  Depending on how you want to take it, he's got some pretty verifiable evidence that supports his experiences.  Regardless how you take it, it'll make you think, and it's one of the nuttiest stories you'll ever read.