Welcome to the 4th Grade! Mr. Reed Raps to His Class

Having been to (and graduated from!) the 4th grade, I know a thing or two about what it's like.  I also was a teacher for a few years that included young people in elementary school.  It's pretty much a nightmare if you can't capture their attention nonstop.

This is that age where you either have the kids' attention or they'll be busy trying to get yours, because everything is a game to them, which is great unless you're the teacher.  When the year gets started, it's important to establish the atmosphere and paradigm so they'll be relaxed and comfortable, but understand that they're there to learn first and foremost.  Whatever you do on day one sets the stage for the entire year.  You have to tread very carefully.

Let Mr. Reed show you how it's done, where he's not only put together a very gentle and optimistic song, but a silly video to go with it.  If you pay close attention, you'll notice the chorus even has a dance routine to go along, which I'm sure he'll have the kids doing as a team building exercise:

There's a few challenges ahead of you at the start of the year as a teacher of these sugar rush-having little psychos:

  • Getting the kids in the same state of mind of positivity and openness
  • Establishing that its acceptable and cool to do well, listen, and follow the rules
  • Making sure they respect the teacher as the authority but aren't intimidated
  • Helping them understand that they shouldn't be little poopy-head shoo-shoo faces

It's quite the task since a lot of it seems to contradict itself.  That's where the importance of "double-think" comes into play.  Mr. Reed's rap song and video welcoming his 4th grade students to the new school year is perfect to get them to relax and make their little pea brains think he's "one of them."

This is basically a high-level mind control operation the likes of which Orwell could only dream about, let alone fathom.  See, when kids can't see the bars of their cage, they don't realize they're in kiddie prison, with their recesses and bologna sandwiches and walking in line, preparing them for the nearly identical adult labor camps where they toil for pennies on the dollar so they can pay upwards of 75% of that tribute to their lords in taxes.  Serfdom is alive!  We are born into bondage!

mr reed welcome to the 4th grade

Either way, it's a pretty cool song.  I like that Mr. Reed announces he's from Chicago.  You can immediately hear the Kanye West influence and that of other Chi-town rappers in the instrumental and in the vocals.  And that's great, because who doesn't like old school Kanye?  What you say, Chi-city?  There's absolutely nothing wrong with positivity in rap.  It's actually what its missing, especially when it disguises and sugar coats the jagged little pill we're swallowing.

Share this with your teacher friends using the social media buttons below.  Maybe it'll spark some ideas for them to help strengthen the chains of servitude.  Someone should do a nihilistic death metal screamo song for their 4th grade class.