Musical Synesthesia - Paintings by Melissa McCracken

I once learned of a condition called synesthesia (by indulging in a large dose of psychedelics, admittedly).  That term is a psychology label for the experience of "a crossing of the senses."  It happens differently in different people, but the main idea is that you can taste what you see, hear what you feel, see what you hear, etc.

This condition is rare only in that most people haven't heard of it or realize that their experience with synesthesia isn't "normal."

A side note example is that I once dated a girl who didn't realize that lucid dreaming was a skill to be developed and treasured.  She just naturally did it nightly and never realized that everyone else wishes they could do it until I mentioned my attempts at it.  It's the things we take for granted!

In the case of Melissa S. McCracken, she experiences mental visuals of various colors, textures, and movement based on all sensory input.  Of interest in our case is that she "sees" music, also known as musical synesthesia.

The Paintings of Melissa S. McCracken

Melissa has decided to harness this gift by producing paintings of the songs that she enjoys.  She's kindly shared many examples of her paintings online, some of which I'll share with you here.  To see more, please visit her website and show her your support.

karma police radiohead

Karma Police by Radiohead

gravity john mayer

Gravity by John Mayer

imagine john lennon

Imagine by John Lennon

life on mars david bowie

Life on Mars by David Bowie

little wing jimi hendrix

Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

since ive been loving you led zeppelin

Since I've Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin

I look at the Karma Police painting and I "get it."  I don't see those colors or that movement in my visual field, but it feels cosmic and represents the concepts that the song is attempting to get across.

Go to Melissa's site and say hi, buy a print, or bribe her to paint your own favorite song!