NoCro News Drops an Insane Rap Video in the Morning Broadcast

On February 27th, 2017, the NoCro News dropped some serious fire. Totally unexpectedly. This is a small, obscure Youtube channel that posts the daily NoCro News clips and usually gets a few dozen views, but on this fateful day, anyone who watched it was in for a surprise. Once in a blue moon someone sneaks in a slick rap song where you least expect it.

NoCro News High School

If you want to talk about underground, this is underground. Forget about digging in the crates, you’ll never find anything like this in the record shop. Digging through the tubes is going to become the new thing, where people are watching random old Youtube videos in hopes of the off-chance that an up-and-coming MC decided to drop a few verses in the middle of nowhere.  Producers will be looking not only for videos on how to sample, but for obscure sounds and clips they can sample from deep in depths of Youtube.  This video would be a good one to choose.

When it comes to their daily news videos, North Crowley High School isn't playing around. So, why did this particular video get over 1,000 views when they usually get about 50?  What led to this one popping off and spreading so much further?

The infamous February 27th clip begins with the pledge of allegiance just like any other day, then the joke of the day, and the quote of the day. Typical stuff... But then things get lit.

NoCro News: 2/27/17 Rap Video

Edit: [Video Removed] - Unfortunately NoCro is deleting older videos regularly as they upload new episodes, likely for the privacy of their students, which is more than understandable.

Mr. Ford's audio/video production class is home to a bunch of super creative people, and they put together this rap video and absolutely kill it. It's not just a rap video, but it's an introduction to this young lady rapper and all of her classmates.  We meet them all, what their interests are, and how the A/V class helps them in those regards.  And it's not just the class, but the teacher who creates an atmosphere of learning and expression.

"Mr. Ford gives us the tools and from there we can build."

This channel has been putting out videos for months, every day, with the latest comings and goings from the school, but the one with the killer rap right in the middle is by far the most popular.  What I love more than anything is this is a good-natured, unified, group of young adults with healthy expectations and standards concerning hard work, artistic quality, and being positive.  There's no dirty language or innuendos.  Just clean artistic merit.

NoCro News Rap Video

Nothing has to be or needs to be boring.  Everyone needs to harness the NoCro that lies deep within us all, waiting to straight murk a beat.

If you're interested in making music or any other type of art, go for it.  These youngsters have shown you that there's no reason to wait.  The tools are available and nobody needs to be timid or shy about it.  Express yourself!

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