Shovel Blues on the Fretless 3-String Shovel Guitar!

Justin Johnson has not only mastered the guitar but mastered making them as well.  That just seems to be the natural progression guitarists take.  I've known several that became just as passionate about woodworking all in the name of learning to make their own guitars.  If you can pull it off and get a reputation it's a fantastic way to make a ton of extra cash.

You've got to entertain yourself somehow, so why not convert a shovel into a 3-string fretless guitar and still rip it with a slide?  That's what Justin Johnson did, and then he filmed the results for the rest of us to look at and think, "but why?"  Who cares, it's cool.  Check it out:

One of the most fun things you can make into a habit is to read the top 3 top-level comments on each YouTube video you watch.  They're always really funny or insightful.  As one of the top comments on this specific video said:

"If I ever rob a train on horseback, I want this song playing in the background."

I agree with that sentiment, but I want to do it in WestWorld where I can't actually get injured and I can go buck wild shooting up robots and acting the fool.  I'd hop on, overthrow the conductor, and drive the train right off the rails in a sickening analogy for how my life has gone up to this point.

Back to reality, this guy Justin makes all types of acoustic guitars and plenty of electrics as well.  He's making cigar box guitars, those ones that are essentially just a neck for travel and practice, his own resonators, and more.  If that's something you've thought would be cool to get into, his website and YouTube channel are as good of a place to get started as any other.

justin johnson guitar

If you liked this, you should search Justin up on Youtube and see him playing the one-string Diddly Bow.

Story Time!

One time me and my brother got in trouble for fighting growing up.  He started it and even pushed me into the wall, which my shoulder promptly went through.  Our dad gave us both a shovel and said we had to clear all the shrubs and crap growing in this acre of the yard before we could quit.  What does my equally guilty, if not more so, brother do?  He sat on a stump and did nothing the whole time.

So I'm over here hustling, digging up little sproutlings, saplings, thorn bushes, and some more wilderness stuff for hours trying to get back to my life.  I literally worked until my shovel handle broke as it was getting dark.  I went inside to report to my dad that the shovel broke and he declared that I broke it against a tree in anger.  He then gave me a flashlight and sent me back out with a different shovel.

Apparently I'm traumatized.  But that's a pretty cool shovel guitar!  *sniff sniff*

Learn more about building and playing guitars over at Justin's site Roots Music School.