Violin Newbie to Fiddle Pro in 2 Years - Video Progress!

This 24 year old Norwegian lady put her foot down.  If you really want to learn an instrument or anything else in life, you need to be like the Violin Newbie:

violin noobie newbie

Like many of us, she dreamed of learning how to play masterfully the instrument that spoke to her heart.  For me, that'd be the Synthesizer or the Ocarina.  For her, it was the Violin!  The difference between her and the rest of us is that she knew what she wanted and she went after it like it was the only thing that mattered.  And she achieved her goals while the rest of us kept saying "tomorrow I'll get started" or "but I still need this one piece of gear."

There's the saying that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything as far as building the needed neural pathways and muscle memory and all that.  While that's not true for everyone by any means (some are much quicker, some will never reach mastery), the best time to get started is yesterday and the second best is right now...

Well... "right now" as in right after you get inspired by this time lapse video by the Violin Newbie:

Watch the self-proclaimed "Violin Noobie" go from Week 1 to 2 Years, two weeks at a time.  Her journey takes her through various classic and modern violins, genres, until ultimately she's simply slaying the fiddle.  By this time next year she'll probably be a world-class professional playing with the top orchestra on the globe, making more cash and getting paid to travel than most of us will ever dream of, all because she focused for a couple years.

Stuff like this just goes to show you, there's only two factors when it comes to learning a music instrument or achieving any other goal that requires hard work and practice:

  • Focus
  • Persistence

Don't delay if this is what you want to do!  You'll enjoy the journey but the end goal is where the real fun is at.  Because once you're a master and past the point of learning, it all becomes play.  You can improvise, write tunes, entertain guests, jump on top of bar tables in the local inn in the Shire to lead the call and response with the rest of the Hobbits, etc.  So the sooner you start the better...

violin noobie two years

The Violin Noobies says it only takes a little bit of effort.  Anyone can do it!  Share this with your violin playing friends using the buttons below so they can reminisce on their early days in the trenches, grinding out that daily practice...

Check it out though.  I've returned to edit this post and it's been just over two years since I published it originally.  I should be the guitar master, ocarina master, and wizard of the synthesizer.  Instead, my skill levels have grown at all, but I've seen a whole lot of movies and read half of the internet since then.  Don't be like me.  Go after your goals.  Having regrets absolutely sucks.  Live an active life, don't let distractions take over!