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NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth (2023)

NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth is $8 Million

Even if the name Kentrell Gaulden means nothing to you, we’re sure you know who he is. He also goes by NBA YoungBoy and has been absolutely killing it in the music scene with his raw talent and sick beats. By the time 2020 rolled around, his grind and dedication had paid off big time; now, he sits upon an $8-million fortune. His money-making journey is a tell-all tale of success, smart moves, and serious love for rap.

So, born on October 20, 1999, YoungBoy might just be a young blood, but his achievements? They are anything but kiddie stuff. He went from penning songs at the age of seven to dropping his first mixtape when he was 15 to bagging millions in quick succession. How does he roll in those big bucks and what’s his secret to splashing the cash? Let’s hop onto this journey of breaking down the money power of the guy we all know simply as NBA YoungBoy.

NameNBA YoungBoy or YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Other NameKentrell DeSean Gaulden
Net Worth$8 million
BirthplaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
BirthdayOctober 20, 1999
Height / WeightNot publicly available
Relationship statusMarried to Jazlyn Mychelle (2023)

From Humble Beginnings to a Breakthrough Phenomenon: The Rise of NBA YoungBoy

Born and raised in the rough-and-tumble town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kentrell’s mom ducked out early, leaving him with his grandma. But instead of wilting, he took a leaf out of his mom’s short-lived rap career and started writing his own songs, all before the age of 8.

Fast forward to age 14, and he’s in the thick of it, pouring everything into his music. His hustle paid off in 2015 with his first mixtape Life Before Fame. But the watershed moment in his career didn’t take place the following year. That’s when he dropped his mixtapes Mind Of A Menace, Mind of a Menace 2, and Before I Go. Fans and critics sat up and listened in particular to his track “38 Baby”.

2017 saw the release of the banging mixtape (his seventh), AI YoungBoy. The momentum he had been developing with these mixtapes culminated with the release of his debut disc, Until Death Call My Name, in 2018. which was another massive win for him.

Spinning Rhymes Into Gold: NBA YoungBoy’s Revenue from Music

When it comes to making money, NBA YoungBoy has had a crazy amount of success as a rap artist. He’s been adding those commas to his bank account through album sales and streaming royalties.

In 2020, he was announced as one of the highest-paid musicians, pulling in $11.9 million. If you think that’s a big number, just check out his streaming accomplishments. According to a tweet by his close friend DJ Akademiks, NBA YoungBoy’s YouTube page alone pulls in a wild 292 million views each month. That translates into $1.4 million a month, or $16.8 million a year in streaming revenue for his label.

In 2020, the $10 million he earned through streaming (both audio and video) rendered him a top earner among U.S. music makers. It looks like those catchy songs and his worldwide fanbase are seriously lining his pockets. As of February 2023, the figures have been crunching and, according to Billboard, YoungBoy’s yearly dose of dough, from artist and publishing streaming royalties, averaged between $8.7 and $13.4 million over the last three years.

The Midas Touch Beyond Music: NBA YoungBoy’s Alternative Revenue Streams

While NBA YoungBoy has made quite a pile from spitting bars, he hasn’t just stuck to the beats. Rather, he’s been cashing in on his name and brand, taking a deep dive into the world of business.

Let’s head back to 2016, when YoungBoy hopped on the entrepreneurship train with Kyle “Montana” Claiborne. Together, they crafted the Never Broke Again label. Back then, the label was technically Montana’s gig because YoungBoy wasn’t quite legal. But once he became of age, they split the project. That project got split even further when, in 2021, they partnered with Motown Records. The move was a boon to YoungBoy’s bank statement and his standing in the music industry. He would join Motown as an artist a year later.

You’d think YoungBoy would be satisfied, right? Wrong! He spread his entrepreneur wings even further, securing a sweet deal with Amazon’s Amp in December 2022. Every Friday night, he got behind the mic to lead a radio show. Joining him were stars like Blueface, Rich the Kid, and Ja Morant. Even though the show hit the brakes the same night Ja Morant was announced, it was just another sign of YoungBoy’s knack for making money moves and his ever-thirsty ambition.

Life in the Fast Lane: NBA YoungBoy’s Possessions and Philanthropy

NBA YoungBoy’s living it up but he’s also paying it forward.

He’s got a sweet pad in Salt Lake City, Utah—it’s a good thing that pad is sweet, as he’s been on house arrest stemming from a 2020 incident in which he fled from police. And while he can’t drive them anywhere, his epic collection of cars includes Maybachs, McLarens, and Teslas—an impressive garage despite being somewhat underused.

But more than the bling and the fancy wheels, NBA YoungBoy’s heart hasn’t strayed from his roots. He and his crew gave away 500 turkeys to the people in his hometown of Baton Rouge in 2022. It’s a gesture that shows that no matter how sky-high he goes, he stays rooted to his community and loves giving back.

Behind the Spotlight: NBA YoungBoy’s Personal Life

In his private world, the YoungBoy set up home with Jazlyn Mychelle in early 2023. They’re now proud parents of two kids: a little lady named Alice, named after his grandma, and a son, Klemenza, named after a loyal-as-hell character from The Godfather. He’s not just a dad to Alice and Klemenza, though. In all, he’s got 10 children with seven different women. You may have seen a couple of them—two of his sons made a cameo in his music video for “Kacey Talk”.

But it’s not all been rainbows and butterflies. He lost the original Alice—his grandma—in 2010. Consequently, he started crashing at fellow artist 3Three’s place. Shows how essential having a tight crew behind you is when you’re trying to make it big amid real-life drama.

Trials and Tribulations: NBA YoungBoy’s Noteworthy Events and Legal Struggles

Back in 2016, YoungBoy was picked up on two counts of attempted second-degree murder, in connection with an alleged drive-by incident. He served six months before getting a suspended 10-year sentence.

Then, in 2021 (March 25, to be exact), he returned to the watchful eye of the Feds, thanks, to an outstanding warrant going back to 2016 for drug and weapon charges. While incarcerated, YoungBoy was the subject of the rumor mill, which cranked out tales of his death in jail. He was, however, alive and well (or as well as one can be in jail), and, by October 2021, he made $500,000 bail, and traded jail bars for a stint of house arrest in the aforementioned sweet pad in Salt Lake City.

Despite the incarceration, NBA YoungBoy didn’t stop. He continued to create and own his music game even behind bars—even dropping his third studio album, Sincerely, Kentrell, in September 2021.