Dubstep Myths Debunked: Put Your Hater Blockers On!

Nothing has rustled more jimmies since the argument of Apple vs. PC than the advent of the Dubstep genre.  It's love it or hate it to such high energy levels that people lose their minds over it.  I mean... I'm not that invested into a genre that I need to be a walking billboard over it, but I do enjoy Dubstep.

And as a reasonable, rational adult, I have to speak up against the frothing minions of teenagers going nuts about Dubstep, perpetuating myths and lies as if their very self-identity depended on it.

Well, you munchkins, I'm here to crumble your foundation and send you into a full-blown existential crisis.  Get your blankets and sippy cups, because here we go...

dubstep myth busting

Dubstep Myth Busting 101

Boys and girls, class is in session.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has been at the forefront of popular music for the longest time.  It takes the rest of the world outside of the UK and Europe at large to play catch-up with the ever-evolving sub-genres of the electronic genre.

What this means is, most people just don't "get it" yet.  It's new, it's different, and by golly, they just don't like it.  Like anything truly ground-breaking, Dubstep follows the lines of this Gandhi quote:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

The haters are in the "fight" stage, but this is where we win.  Soon it'll be the same morons telling their friends "Oh yeah, I was into Dubstep when everyone else was still hating on it.  I knew about it before it got popular."  Do us a favor and shut up.

The progression of the argument about Dubstep usually follows this order, with increasing desperation until they accept the reality that Dubstep legit and even intricate:

1) "Dubstep Isn't Even Music. There's No Real Instruments"

Let me go ahead and put it out there.  Anyone who says this has zero authority when it comes to speaking about music.  Period.  It's one thing to not like a genre and another to outright reject it as music.

I imagine these people saying, "But they don't even use real instruments," as they pop in their favorite T-Pain autotune CD.  Rap, R&B, and basically anything Pop from the late 90's and forward... heck, since MIDI was invented in the 80's... has been synthesizer-based computer music, quantized to hell and back.  What's your point?  It's still music.

hates on dubstep

It's music because it adheres to the rules of music theory.  A musician who knows these rules sat down and wrote the song, even if that meant they plinked notes into Ableton Live using a mouse and a keyboard.  Mofo, you can't even tell me the notes in the C-Major scale, let alone judge whether Dubstep is music or not.

2) "My Grandma Could Slam Her Hands on the Keyboard and Make Dubstep"

Is that right? Any ole person cut sit down at the computer and be a Dubstep maker?  Your grandma can't even program the time on her VCR, let alone tell me what a DAW is or know which plugin parameters to tweak.  God forbid she work with outboard gear and try to route al the signals through the rack, patchbay, and digital mixer.

bass drop grandma

Even a seasoned veteran of other genres would still have a hard time trying to create the various glitches, blips, and wobbles.  This Dubstep myth is supported by the myth that it's only just random noise, which is just plain stupid.

3) "Dubstep only makes sense when you're on drugs at a rave"

This is when you know the Dubstep haters are losing the argument.  They try to slide in morality judgements, as if to say "Well at least I'm not a drug user."  It's irrelevant, not a morality issue, and besides... no amount of drugs would make me like a genre I don't like.  I'm not going to have some magical insight on mushrooms and start liking Scream Death Metal or Pop Country, no matter how many times my girlfriend dumped me for the guy with the nicer pick-up truck.

cat takes drugs and listens to dubstep

It's hard to even type a response to this nonsense.  If anything, going to a rave and watching a Dubstep artist perform his craft live might convert anyone into a fan.  When I was younger, I saw Loreena McKennitt live.  My parents had to drag me to the theater hall.  Now I'm a fan, and like Enya and Björk too.  Sometimes it takes those experiences to gain the insight into the skills it takes to put this together.

4) "Okay, Fine. It's Music. But It's still just random noise"

This is where you know you've won, but you still have to stick it out with logic and reason (not the DAWs!).  If they are real pig-headed, they won't admit that they are being stubborn and childish.  But you'll know in your heart of hearts that you won.

TV dubstep

Have you ever actually heard random white noise or even full-frequency pink noise?  Dubstep has predictable, organized melodies with repeated rhythmic patterns and a strict song-structure.  Nothing random is predictable, organized, repeated, or structured.  That's actually the opposite of the definition of random.

5) "Well All Dubstep Sounds Exactly The Same"

I guess all wines are the same and everything tastes like chicken, too, huh?  Maybe if you took the time and applied the attention needed to acquire a taste for something, you'd start to understand subtlety.  How many books did you read this year?

dubstep all sounds the same

"Dubstep / Jazz / Classical / Rap / Pop / Rock / Metal... it all sounds the same to me."  Ahh, the age old argument that's just an admission of being uncultured.  Beautifully done, dummy.  I guess that's why there's at least 17 sub-genres of Dubstep, then.  My guess is, you label yourself as Emo / Hipster / Intelligent.

Dubstep Myths Debunked!

Come at me, bro.  I can do this all day.  Did your parents have any kids that lived?  It's easy to sit on the sidelines and sling dirt at all the players on the field.  Let us know when you contribute anything to society instead of detracting from it with negativity and insecurity.  Dubstep is life.