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Streams are Ad Impressions... Welcome to Internet Advertising

Monday - May 23, 2016 Opinions

Musicians (including myself), I hate to break it to you... it's time to stop crying and start playing by the different and new set of rules.  You're not going to get paid more for your streams, and even if companies pacify you by doubling the amount they pay you, that's still negligible.  Nobody is going to […]

Dubstep Myths Debunked: Put Your Hater Blockers On!

Saturday - Jan 9, 2016 Opinions

Nothing has rustled more jimmies since the argument of Apple vs. PC than the advent of the Dubstep genre.  It's love it or hate it to such high energy levels that people lose their minds over it.  I mean... I'm not that invested into a genre that I need to be a walking billboard over […]