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DJ Steve Aoki Sued for Breaking Fan's Neck with Inflatable Raft

Updated: Industry News

It's crazy out here in these streets... Steve Aoki, the highest grossing dance musician in North America from his tours alone, likes to ramp up the energy levels at his live performances. Matter of fact, you should stream his new album as you read this to get the full experience. He likes to take his […]

Metallica's Enter Sandman... Backwards!

Updated: Funny

Ahhh, the memories.  This was the first and only song I ever learned on drums.  I remember it like it was yesterday... Son, you're going to learn a musical instrument.  It's not a choice.  The choice I'm giving you is which instrument.  So choose.  This is not an option. So I chose drums and was […]

ATTN: Cover Band Vocalists - Learn Lyrics Fast!

Updated: Tech

If you're a cover band vocalist or a teenager sitting in his bedroom trying to memorize lyrics for street-cred at school, you know how much of a pain it is to listen to a song or verse over and over trying to cram every single word into your goofy little pee-brain. We've all tried reading […]

Praise His Holy Name: American Idol to End

Updated: Industry News

Hey, I calls it like I sees it.  After 15 seasons of corruption, the big-wigs have decided that profit margins have dwindled far enough for American Idol to end.  I'm sure The Voice will continue to enthrall us all for another decade to come, yippee? When product placements run rampant, you know it's over. That's […]

PianoArc - Like a Hula Hoop, But a Keyboard Instead

Updated: Tech

Today has been strange.  First the Tesla Coil and then the Theremin... and now I've got one more crazy instrument to show you.  This one isn't some archaic remnant of a nutty inventor.  It's just one of the coolest renditions of a very common instrument.  Without further ado, I present to you, the Piano Arc! […]

Tesla Coils: Nope, Not Even Once

Updated: Tech

I'm sure guys have all heard of the mad genius Nikola Tesla.  He gave us some legit inventions, revolutionizing the entire world with alternating current and also ideas about wireless electricity and other stuff that the government supposedly suppressed. By supposedly, I mean the FBI seized and classified all of his research as soon as […]