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Theremin: Almost the Most Worthless But Cool Gadget Ever

Updated: Tech

If you've never seen a theremin, you're not missing too much, but it is legit kind of cool.  First, just take a goosey gander at one.  It looks like a rectangle with a metal loop on one side and another metal bar sticking straight up on the other side.  you're probably wondering how this thing […]

Global Hip Hop for the World

Updated: Culture

I'm sure you remember that "We Are The World" single from way back in 1985 (unless you're one of these young whippersnappers) when Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie got a boatload of amazing artists all on one track and donated it all to charity.  That was pretty hype.  I wonder if any of that money […]

Marketing Master Marilyn Manson's New Disc

Updated: Industry News

In a world where selling CD's has gone the way of cassette tapes and 8-tracks, Marilyn Manson has stepped up to the proverbial plate to challenge the status quo... Except he's not slanging your typical compact disc.  He's selling a PlayStation disc! No, it's not a video game, but it is being manufactured by Sony […]

The Wait is Over: The HUMMbucker Electric Kazoo!

Updated: Tech

For generations we've dreamed of such a time, a time when childhood toys could be respected as legitimate musical instruments, and that time has now arrived.  The ancients were stuck annoying people with ocarinas, and our more modern ancestors had to settle for bagpipes, accordions, and harmonicas.  But a new world rises, one of technologically supplemented […]

Classic: Hamster on a Piano

Updated: Adorable

It wouldn't be fair for me to operate a blog where I post cute animals doing music related stuff without introducing you to one of my all time favorites, entitled "Hamster on a Piano."  It looks and sounds exactly like the title describes, which is to say that it's pure heaven. Get ready to hear […]

This Heavy Metal Parrot Has Perfected Screamo

Updated: Adorable

Let the birdies hit the floor!  I'm only half tempted to call this bird adorable, and even more tempted to call child protective services, or even an exorcist. Heavy Metal Parrot Either way, this heavy metal parrot would make a great circus intermission or at least a decent lead singer for Drowning Pool the next […]