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Krishna Raj's Guru Stotram

Saturday - Mar 14, 2015 Culture

The first in our exploration of world music leads us to India where the Hindu culture and spirituality cannot be separated.  A beautiful rendition of a Bhakti devotional song and mantra called the Guru Stotram was performed by Krishna Raj and captured on the meditational album entitled Akhand. Download the full song and album here. […]

Jay-Z Becomes Majority Stockholder in Aspiro

Saturday - Mar 14, 2015 Industry News

The New York Times reported that as of yesterday, rapper Jay-Z is now the majority stockholder in Aspiro, a Swedish music technology company. Aspiro is just entering the United States market with their streaming services WiMP and Tidal with the intentions to compete against players like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple's iTunes. As reported by Aspiro in […]

Common Chord Progression Examples

Saturday - Mar 14, 2015 Lessons

A company known as HookTheory has produced several useful resources for musicians in the learning phase. Among these is TheoryTab, a database of thousands of popular songs categorized in various ways, but particularly by chord progression.  Today I want to show you how you can listen to common chord progression examples by using TheoryTab's songs […]

And Bono Never Clapped Again...

Saturday - Mar 14, 2015 Funny

For the users with accessibility readers, the script: At a U2 concert in Glasgow, Scotland, Bono requested total silence.  Then, in the quiet stillness, he began to slowly clap his hands, once every few seconds.  Finally, holding the audience in absolute quiet, he spoke into the microphone... "Every time I clap my hands, a child […]

Eric Clapton's Ridiculous Encounter With a Cunning Witch

Friday - Mar 13, 2015 Life

So... I just finished reading Eric Clapton's autobiography... I don't know what to say.  I'll go ahead and make the disclaimer that I love his music, which is why I read his book.  There's always that risk of learning too much about the lives, escapades, and personalities of our heroes.  It can create disillusionment like […]

Spotlight: Natti Love Joys

Thursday - Mar 12, 2015 Artists

I'm going to push the veil aside for a second and let you see a piece of the real me.  There are two things I like a lot: Reggae and Buddhism.  Put the two together and what do you have? The Natti Love Joys. Jatti and Marla have been rocking since before most of you […]