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Alex Machacek, Austin Powers, & Pentatonics?

Wednesday - Mar 11, 2015 Lessons

From the Pentatonic Guitar God from the Future comes the most polyrhythmic playing you'll ever hear.  Let me tell you, for some odd reason this song is named Austin Powers but I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's what he was watching as he wrote this  track.  My brother did something similar while watching the old […]

The Artiphon Instrument 1 - Digital Multi-Instrument

Tuesday - Mar 10, 2015 Tech

Currently launching on Kickstarter, Artiphon is out to revolutionize the industry with it's new Instrument 1.  It's definitely coming, because at the moment of me typing this, over 1,500 backers have pledged over half of a million dollars (well over the $75,000 goal)! So what the heck is it?  What's it look like?  The name […]

Spotlight: Andy McKee

Monday - Mar 9, 2015 Artists

If you're a fan of solo guitar work, folk music, or just want some relaxing music to focus on or play in the background, I've got a solution for you: You're listening to the one-man-band, Andy McKee. Not only is he a master of fingerstyle playing, he incorporates percussive elements into his songs by slapping […]

This Guy Puts the "Dookie" in Green Day - Guitar Rage lvl9999

Wednesday - Mar 4, 2015 Funny

Having had a guitarist roommate, I can tell you three things: They play all night loudly through an amp. They refuse to use headphones. They have a low tolerance for their own suckage. For the jury's consideration, I present Exhibit A - Guitar Rage: This young man has decided, at 1:30 AM, that it's time to […]

Guitar Percussion with Ben Lacy

Wednesday - Mar 4, 2015 Talent

Nothing is cooler when one guy on one instrument does the job of an entire band.  Ben Lacy destroys it in this video called "Guitar Percussion." I think he might be a wizard.  He's literally your favorite guitar player's favorite guitar player. I just fired my drummer and told my guitarist to start pulling his […]

Dude Dies, Comes Back, & Busts an Acapella?

Wednesday - Mar 4, 2015 Life

Life is crazy enough, but life after death... in song form?  Get ready to have your mind blown... This guy straight up bit the dust and came back.  He also happens to like to write little ditties and sing them in his pantry. Add it all together and you have an incredible spiritual acapella complete […]