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This Heavy Metal Parrot Has Perfected Screamo

Updated: Adorable

Let the birdies hit the floor!  I'm only half tempted to call this bird adorable, and even more tempted to call child protective services, or even an exorcist. Heavy Metal Parrot Either way, this heavy metal parrot would make a great circus intermission or at least a decent lead singer for Drowning Pool the next […]

Croatian Genius Skirts the Insanity Line

Updated: Talent

There's a fine line between insanity and being a Croatian genius street performer scooting around with all kinds of contraptions and gadgets hooked into you.  And plus one point for making it funny, as this guy did: You have to question what universe you're even in after watching a guy with an IQ of 160 […]

Luc Arbogast - Modern Day Warlock Bard Badass

Updated: Culture

When I first learned of Luc Arbogast, it was from this video I'm about to show you.  It didn't even have his name attached to it, but I finally figured out who he was.  This was about 8 years ago or more even. Once I knew who he was, I immediately ordered two of his […]

You Can't Stop Mashd N Kutcher From Making Music

Updated: Funny

So I just discovered Mashd N Kutcher, and very well may be late to the game. But in case you don't know who they are, let this be an introduction.  These guys do a lot more, but my favorite shtick of theirs is their insistence on making music at all times. Check out this video, […]

James Jamerson Isolated Bass Lines Rock

Updated: Lessons

A gentleman on Youtube named Vulf has been doing the music world a huge favor by EQing and boosting the killer bass lines on some of our favorite classic tunes.  But he's not just doing the bass boosting, he's also working with a partner to create these amazing videos that show the bass notes and […]

Led Zeppelin's Acoustic Environment on When the Levee Breaks

Updated: Science

When recording, the wisdom of the ages always says to record in the most dry and controlled acoustic environment possible.  Then let the rest be done in post-processing where you can try different options and use the undo button. But the masters of mixing aren't afraid to commit to tape right then and there, and […]