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Interview: Rocking with Rainer Maria

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This article originally appeared on Recovering bookworms Caithlin De Marrais, Kyle Fischer, and William Kuehn met in a poetry class in college. Five years later, living in New York City and working together as Rainer Maria, they've just released their third full-length recording, A Better Version of Me, on Polyvinyl Records. Their music has […]

Interview: Good Charlotte Rocks!

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This article originally appeared on One of the hottest new bands on the block is the brash quintet known as Good Charlotte. Their debut, self-titled CD is full of catchy hooks and humorous, life-reflecting lyrics over music full of energy and electricity. Hailing from Maryland, Good Charlotte features a duo of identical twins, Benji […]

This Schoolhouse Rocks! Paul Green School of Rock Music...

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This article originally appeared on Sure, the Ramones sang about it in the ’80s, but until recently, the idea of a rock ‘n’ roll high school existed only on the radio airwaves. Imagine music lessons that are more Beatles than Beethoven, where students not only practice their instruments, but also learn performance skills, and […]

Interview: Talking with Talib Kweli

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This article originally appeared on A conversation about rap and hip-hop would be incomplete without mention of Brooklyn's Talib Kweli. Talib's been hitting up hip-hop lovers with lyrics that defy the stereotype that rap is all about violence, money, and misogyny. His rhymes uplift listeners with a positive message and witty wordplay over hot […]

Teen Pop Explosion

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This article originally appeared on Unless you have been living in total seclusion for the past couple of years, there is no way you could not have noticed the recent bubble-gum pop outbreak that has taken America by storm. In fact, turn on any all-hit radio station in just about any city, big or […]

Listening to Lyrics

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This article originally appeared on You've probably heard about Eminem's and Madonna's controversial song lyrics. Of course, there are always two sides to every story. On one hand there's the artist who writes or chooses to perform songs that are very meaningful to him and that he feels convey a powerful message to his […]