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Have Music Videos Gone Too Far?

Updated: Life

This article originally appeared on What's "too far" in today's music videos? Is "too far" something that makes you blush, turn away, become embarrassed? We surveyed teens like you to find out. But first, here's a list of terms of stuff that might be considered no-no's. Intoxicants/drug use: From Maui-wowie smoke to glasses of […]

Interview: Lunachicks on Music, Self-Image, & Relationships

Updated: Artists

This article originally appeared on Feminist-inspired, riot girl band the Lunachicks have been playing together since 1987.  Sonic Youth came to one of their early gigs and landed them their first record deal in '88. This all-women band has done more than five albums (including their most recent, Luxury Problem); modeled a line of […]

BFA Officials & Members - Historical Record

Updated: Industry News

This article originally appeared on Music of all kinds will continue to flourish in the United Kingdom, so we remain confident that despite occasionally difficult trading conditions, the audio industry has the resilience and skill to deliver music in the comfort and convenience of the home. I know that in my own case, listening […]

RSSCloud Walkthrough

Updated: Tech

This article originally appeared on For the sake of prosperity, we have kept the Walkthrough page alive and have stored it here for future reference: Implementor’s guide to rssCloud This document shows how RSS 2.0′s <cloud> element can be used to connect a loosely-coupled Twitter-like network of people and 140-character status messages. We walk through an […]

CD's That Don't Play

Updated: Tech

This article originally appeared on The BFA and its members have received calls about newly purchased CDs that will not play, lock up computers or, in some cases, just don't seem to sound as good as they should.  We are saddened that sections of the record industry should treat their customers with so little […]

British Federation of Audio Promotes New Audio Connector

Updated: Industry News

This article originally appeared on A newly developed loudspeaker connector for hi-fi products, the BFA Connector, designed primarily for use on quality hi-fi separates and loudspeakers is to be promoted by the BFA, whose members represent over three quarters of the British hi-fi loudspeaker industry and produce a large proportion of British-built hi-fi equipment. […]