Sometimes the obvious isn’t clear cut until it’s reframed as an absurd joke. That’s what this Satire Category of the Ledger Note Blog is all about. By drawing attention to the absolutely silly crap that pro’s and fans are perpetuating in our industry, maybe we can get the foolishness to stop. Worst case, we’ll get a chuckle…

Nervous Father Talks Non-Committal Son's Birthday Request

Updated: Satire

Don't get me wrong.  I love my son with all my heart.  It's just that I work two jobs, six days a week... His birthday was coming back around.  I quit trying long ago to surprise him or beat around the bush and sneak hints out of him about what he might want.  Now I […]

Top 10 Reasons Being a Pop Star Sucks

Updated: Satire

You thought this was something you wanted?  Do you dream about 100,000 raving fans a night, plus the few throwing water and lighters at you?  Well, guess again, because here are the Top 10 reasons being a pop star sucks... 1. Riders & Planes People think it's cute to make fun of us for this, […]

Vinyl Sounds Better. Open Your Friggin' Ears, Idiot.

Updated: Satire

Listen.  Vinyl flat out sounds better, and if you don't believe me then you're an idiot. Digital music sounds cold and lifeless.  I hate being able to "hear through" a digitally perfect mix and recording.  That's why I only listen to vinyl records now.  The noise floor isn't "exaggerated," that's just how it is... it's […]

Chap Hop & the Gentleman's Battle Beef

Updated: Satire

Most of you likely have never even heard of Chap Hop, let alone realized there's already a feud amongst the two leaders of the rap sub-genre. This feud is between Professor Elemental and Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, already leading to battle tracks and disses in various songs. Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer (Left) & […]

Process Debriefing with Grandma: Post-Dubstep Reaction Video

Updated: Satire

We caught up with Grandma after her appearance in thousands of Youtube reaction videos to speak to her about her experience with Dubstep. Ledger Note: Grandma, we noticed that you were nearly speechless while listening to and watching the official video for the recent Skrillex dubstep single "First of the Year."  Let's review the transcript: […]

Rapper's Mixtape is Hotter & Lasts Longer Than the Sun Thanks to 5D Memory Crystals

Updated: Satire

"Look, my shits always been fire, always been as hot as the sun," local rapper Daquan Hassan stated confidently.  "But now... this shit is in a whole 'nother galaxy, just like the sun." Daquan's mixtape "Our Soul Are Solar" is an epic ode to two sources of life.  "One day while piffin' a jay I […]