Process Debriefing with Grandma: Post-Dubstep Reaction Video

We caught up with Grandma after her appearance in thousands of Youtube reaction videos to speak to her about her experience with Dubstep.

process debriefing grandma dubstep

Ledger Note: Grandma, we noticed that you were nearly speechless while listening to and watching the official video for the recent Skrillex dubstep single "First of the Year."  Let's review the transcript:

"Oh... oh no... why would he... oh fiddlesticks!  My lands!  Is the oven preheated yet?"

Besides your pre-occupation with brunch with the church ladies, you seemed to be so shocked that you could barely form a sentence.  Now that you've had time to process what you witnessed, can you tell us what was going through your mind as you watched?

Grandma: Well, honey, for the first portion I couldn't hear it that well and it took a moment to find my reading glasses.  They were around my neck the whole time!  Once I got settled, I couldn't believe what you whippersnappers were listening to these days.  Whatever happened to the good ole days of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole?  Not only did we run out of good music but we ran out of good names.  Now musicians just make up their names... Skrillex, Snoop Diddy, Google...

Ledger Note: What about the song itself?  What did you think of this new genre, Dubstep?

Grandma: You remember that time me and your Grandpa spent the week up at Martha's Vineyard?  The air was so crisp.  There were so many geese that I ran out of crackers for our chili and Grandpa had to run out to town to pick up another couple of sleeves.  Bless his sweet heart.

Ledger Note: And the song, Grandma?

Grandma: Oh yes.  We used to love Glenn Miller.  I did anyways.  You Grandpa always favored Jimmy Dorsey but I told him...

Ledger Note: Skrillex, Grandma.  What did you think of Skrillex?

Grandma: That boy never did know what was good for him.  He loved climbing trees.  When I heard his song, it made me remember when he got that job down at the lumber mill.  That must have inspired him, because that's all the song sounded like.  *Skreeee skrooo skrilllll*  I bet that's where he got his name, too.  He'd always bring home sawdust to help start the fire.  What a good lad, that boy.

The song?  Imagine your ear drums trying to climb into the tub.  You kept asking your children to install a shower door but they didn't listen.  Your ear drums almost get the first leg over the rim of the tub but then they lose their balance.  They lay there for hours until the deacon realizes you weren't there for Wednesday night service, so he comes and checks on you.  Do you know how embarrassing it was for your ear drums to be found naked on the bathroom floor?

That song was like the first cold day of winter, when your ear drums really feel it in their joints.  They just move a lot slower on that day as they limber up.  It felt like the smoke alarm going off because my ear drums forgot about the cookies in the oven again.  It went on and on for minutes until you find the broom stick to fan away the smoke.  Your ear drums panic because you can't figure out if you should turn off the oven first or try to silence the alarm.

You know what song I always did like?  The Andy Griffith theme song.  I haven't been fishing in a long time.  Your Grandpa used to...

Ledger Note: Grandma, that's all the time we have today.  Any last words?

grandma reaction dubstep

Grandma: Peace to my bitches and dubstep makers!