Melomics - Music Made Without Humans (For Robots Only!)

Melomics Media created their name as a play on the word genomics, referring to the genome of melodies.  The study of genomes requires the help of distributed computer processing power.  So the name's really fitting for Melomics, because they're doing something really similar.

They've written a computer algorithm that is capable of composing music without human intervention, but based on the study of patterns we've created in music.  It's not just writing random nonsense, because that wouldn't sound musical anyways.  Their algorithm follows the rules of music theory and uses machine learning to emulate music that humans have already written.


"I don't trust it.  Intelligence is going to spontaneously arise and some new genre is going to destroy humanity." - Stevey Hawking, Bh.D

This A.I. devil has created over a billion songs already.  I doubt they're all smash hits, but there's been enough good tracks for them to put out more than one full length album.  Here's an example called Track Number 4 on the album 0music.  They must have let the robots name the songs too.  The visuals are sweet, too.  Who'd have thought watching such a simple video could be so fun, chasing the melodies and harmonies up and down with the frequencies.

Admittedly, once you let it build up and the beat drops, it's pretty slick.  Watching it play out on the screen like that is fun too.  It's a trick to get you to drop your defenses though, don't fall for it!  The robot revolution requires you to be relaxed and off-guard.  The tracks are all under the Creative Commons license 'CC0,' meaning you can do whatever you want with it.  Robots don't need money, just your body to siphon off your heat like a kinetic energy battery.

I was half tempted to try to explain some of the details about how this is done using evolutionary music, but I'll not bore you unless you want to dig deeper.  If that's the case, read up on their Wikipedia page.  It's honestly pretty cool, and I suspect that some kind of pragmatic application could come out of this that really helps out mankind in some way, although I'm skeptical about some of the ones they've claimed that I mention below.  These kind of inventions and discoveries are usually translatable over to other industries.

music made by robots

What is interesting is that they've developed algorithms for various purposes, such as the perfect, non-human songs for jogging.  They've also been subject to therapeutic clinical trials that concluded that specific styles of songs can perform feats such as reducing someone's fear of heights, their stress levels, and even their perception of pain.  Now that's pretty nutty.  Imagine not needing to go to therapy any more.  You just dial in your current problem into your robot music generator and listen for ten minutes or so.

It's crazy, I know.  I've seen the Matrix.  I want the blue pill.  I want to taste steak again!  I know where this is leading, and I refuse to be a living battery!  *Throws my computer out the window*