Rap Lyric Analytics with Rapalytics

The thousands of age old arguments amongst rap and hip hop fans are now being settled.  Using a scientific analysis of data curated from various lyrics databases, we now know the answer to questions such as...

  • Which rapper has the largest vocabulary?
  • Who cusses the most?
  • Which lyricist has the most complex rhyme schemes?
  • Who strings together the longest multi-syllabic rhymes?

This data is being crunched and presented in tasteful fashion by the fellows over at Rapalytics, who are continuing to grow the depth and breadth of their information.  They are making an effort to include not only mainstream artists but underground lyricists as well, who usually refuse to dumb it down for the masses.

Individual Rapper Analysis

A cool feature is pulling up your favorite rapper.  You can then view their dashboard, which features meters like you'd see on your car's speedometer, such as popularity, vocabulary, rhymes, and similes.

rap lyric analytics


The Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, still holds up well!

Another cool part is seeing the breakdown of the use of naughty language.  Not only can you see who's red-lining and really earning that parental advisory sticker, but you can see exactly what type of bad words they are using.

rap lyrics analysis

I'm sure you're not surprised to see that Lil Wayne has quite the potty mouth.

Perhaps one of the more interesting parts of the individual rapper analysis is the timeline of their album releases, which show plot points across the years showing the growth (or de-evolution) of their lyrical abilities.

Compare & Contrast Rappers Lyrics

And here, two rappers enter the cypher, and only one leaves.  The age old arguments end today!

For instance, the "Battle" page of Rapalytics opens with a chart of the most popular rappers and then compares these metrics against word density (the number of words they use per verse).  It looks like this:

rappers battle

While that's cool, you can go in and customize.  You can go in and pit guys like Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and Rick Ross against lesser known but equally respected rappers like Tech N9ne, Necro, and Sage Francis.

Anyways, I don't want to suck all of the fun out of it if you're a rap fan.  Scoot over to the Rapalytics site and play around, and finally prove your friends wrong back in high school when they claimed Biggie was more complex than 2pac!