The Faces of Rock: Composite Images of 30 Classic Bands

A luxury facial hair grooming company called West Coast Shaving got sick of lead singers getting all of the attention.  The other band members count too, and often are more handsome or at least rock a better beard!

With this in mind, they wanted each legendary rock band out there to have a "face" for everyone to swoon over.  You can't rewrite history or human preference for one member, but a little science magic let's us see what a brand new member would look like who is a genetic blend of all of them!

From the Beatles, Metallica, Pearl Jam, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Doors... heck, all of them... their genetic superiors are quite handsome.  I mean, I'm hotter than all of them by far, but you know.

The Faces of Rock!

I swear, the Led Zeppelin face is a clone of Jim Sturgess!  Guns N' Roses looks a little too much like Mark Wahlberg.  Pearl Jam is none other than Russell Crowe!  I seent it!  The Smashing Pumpkins face looks like he's ready to transcend to another plane of existence.

The Faces of Rock composite graphic

Thanks to West Coast Shaving for creating the original graphic, and for giving me nightmares for the rest of my life based on that Green Day face :(