There’s some serious talent out there and it’s hard for us to see it all in our limited time and exposure. If you’re looking to hear and see some insane playing, you’ve come to the right place. The Talent category of the Ledger Note Blog is your one-stop shop to get your musical mind blown.

One Guy on the Guitar, Drums, & Vocals at the Same Time!

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Meet Dominic Fragman, a multi-instrumentalist who sings, drums, and plays guitar… all at the same time.  He never has to worry about lining up schedules for his band to rehearse because he is his band.  The only problem is his roommates really hate him. Do you remember Rahzel, in particular his song “If Your Mother […]

Matt McGuire Shows Skrillex & Rick Ross What's Up!

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When the Skrillex & Rick Ross single Purple Lamborghini came out, I couldn't stop listening to it.  The video was cool with tons of visually appealing swagadelic bossness.  Rick Ross did his thing (I love how much he lays back on the beat). But it was Skrillex with his drum production and arrangement that once […]

Super Smash Bros Musical Melee - Jazz Drum Improv

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I don't know what it is with musicians and this game.  I've never played it but I know a ton of dudes who miss rehearsals and are late to gigs constantly over this Super Smash Bros nonsense.  I can't say I'm surprised since many musician types are desperately doing everything they can to stave off […]

Joey Muha's Death Metal Drumming to "I'm a Little Teapot"

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There's a high chance you guys have come across Joey Muha before.  He's a smart feller using his Youtube channel to promote his personal brand.  He's publishing very frequently and is at over 10 million views! Joey's charismatic drumming makes him a visual spectacle beyond his raw drumming talent.  He puts his skillset to great […]

Ariana Grande's SNL Singer Impressions Vs. Original Artists

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Ariana Grande has had a long career, being raised and promoted as another Disney darling (that never ends well, there's some real creepy stuff going on over there behind the scenes).  I don't know if they pick these kids based on talent or groom them for it (or grow them in a lab), but they […]

Pogo the Remix Artist Does a Dubstep Scooby-Doo

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Nick Bertke goes by the name Pogo.  He's a remix artist, and a really good one.  So much so that he's garnered over 110 million views on YouTube and has worked with some of the top studios on the planet to create viral videos.  We're talking Disney, Microsoft, Showtime, and more.  His work is in […]