Ariana Grande's SNL Singer Impressions Vs. Original Artists

Ariana Grande has had a long career, being raised and promoted as another Disney darling (that never ends well).  I don't know if they pick these kids based on talent or groom them for it (or grow them in a lab), but they did a great job with Ariana.

ariana grande impressions

Everyone's been saying that she's the next Mariah Carey and I agree, if only she'd get away from some of this filthy pop music and make a classy Christmas album or something.  She's got the looks, the voice, the acting chops, but beyond all of that she's pretty funny.

What most of us didn't know what she's one of the best impressionists out there right now.

ariana grande shakira impression

Oh no, we lost the Shakira stream! Chloe, can you handle it?

Recently Ms. Grande was on Saturday Night Live doing:

  • Whitney Houston
  • Britney Spears
  • Rihanna
  • Shakira
  • Celine Dion

Check out the video with the comparisons right here, in the order of the list above:

I'm glad someone finally called out Rihanna for her mumbling.  That Shakira impersonation was perfect, doe.  Dude does a decent Jay-Z too.

All in all, not bad for an MK Ultra mind control victim (I see you, Disney!).