Croatian Genius Skirts the Insanity Line

There's a fine line between insanity and being a Croatian genius street performer scooting around with all kinds of contraptions and gadgets hooked into you.  +1 point for making it funny.

You have to question what universe you're even in after watching a guy with an IQ of 160 choose a kazoo as one of his lead instruments.

At first, I thought he was shuffling around because he had to go potty, then I saw the little bells and tambourines.  It was only later in the video when I noticed he had his legs rigged up to a bass drum on his back.  He even managed to make the harmonica not be annoying.  I'd give him a Nobel Peace Prize if I could.

one man band croatia

He even has a bicycle horn and bell!  Hey, it do what it do.  The kids loved it.  I just hope his amp doesn't fall off his shoulders and smush someone's pet dog.  No amount of cash in an inverted elf's hat can pay for psychological damages.

I just found an image of this guy's ancestor from days of yore...

ancient one man band
As we uphold the dreams and passion of our ancestors, we only lend more credence to the idea of genetic memory... wat?