That's Right. Dubstep in a McDonald's Cup

Beatboxer Parker Kane is an opportunist.  There's nearly no situation he can't and won't add his beatboxing skills into the mix.  Most recently he even manage to beatbox during some high production value, soft piano Easter song.  He sung too, and has quite the nice voice.  Please take the time to explore more of his material on his official website if you enjoy the madness you see below.  Looks like you can even book him for motivational speeches now.  I'm not so sure about that (like I said, "opportunist")... but he's still a mighty fine beatboxer.

beatboxer parker kane

Parker Kane will use any situation he can to practice his craft and spread his message, and that includes, but is not limited to, busting out some dubstep with a McDonald's cup:

Well that's one way to make dubstep.  Perhaps the best at this point in time.  I tried that once and just ended up blowing Diet Coke bubbles all over my shirt, which was a good time to wipe off all the crusty Cheeto's dust anyways, so I'm not even mad.  Now I just stick to Logic Pro and my keyboard.

mcdubstep mcdonalds

Next time someone tells you that you need to get off the internet, go outside, and experience life, you can tell them that you've seen a dude rock the dopest dubstep you've ever heard with a straw and a sweet tea cup in the middle of a Micky D's.  Can you see that while hiking with your dog or visiting the Eiffel Tower with your significant other?  Didn't think so.  Yeah, so you went to Las Vegas and had a blast with your college buddies and saw a live Britney Spears performance at some ritzy hotel.  I sucked down 8 straight hours of YouTube and Doritos, and it only costed me like five bucks tops.

Then you can also tell them that you've seen the true origin of how dubstep began too:

cat door stopper how dubstep began

My cat rediscovers the door stop in the office like once every six months, and the more I try to stop him from messing with it the more he wants to, so I have to just wait it out.  It typically lasts about a week and then I'm free to regain my sanity.

And as a bonus consolation prize for putting up with my nonsense, here's a GIF of dubstep king Skrillex being attacked by a bee:

skrillex bee attack

Hollatchabee, I mean boy.

Again, let me mention that if you like what Parker Kane is doing, he's going pretty hard on YouTube now and doing a lot of covers with other artists (maybe you can get a collaboration).  You can find all kinds of modern pop and rap songs, where he takes care of the beat while others do the vocals.  His channel is definitely a fun way to burn a solid hour or more, so check that out!  You don't need to go outside or do your chores or none of that boring stuff... Yes... fall victim to the infinite loop of the YouTube sidebar...