That's Right. Dubstep in a McDonald's Cup

Beatboxer Parker Kane is an opportunist.

beatboxer parker kane

He'll use any situation he can to practice his craft, and that includes busting out some dubstep with a McDonald's cup:

Well that's one way to make dubstep.  I tried that once and just ended up blowing Diet Coke bubbles all over my shirt, which was a good time to wipe off all the crusty Cheeto's dust.

mcdubstep mcdonalds

Next time someone tells you that you need to get off the internet, go outside, and experience life, you can tell them that you've seen a dude rock the dopest dubstep you've ever heard with a straw and a sweet tea cup.

Then you can tell them that you've seen the true origin of how dubstep began too:

cat door stopper how dubstep began

And as a bonus consolation prize for putting up with my nonsense, here's a GIF of dubstep king Skrillex being attacked by a bee:

skrillex bee attack

Hollatchabee, I mean boy.