Further Proof It's Not the Instrument But How You Play It

Not a day goes by when people are not looking for a short cut or a scape goat when it comes to their musical talent.  It's the same with buying gym equipment.  People buy some kind of Nordic Track thing and it sits in the corner and collects dust.  You can't buy your way into fat loss and you can't buy your way into knowing how to play the guitar.

How many times have you heard these excuses:

"If I could afford a $5,000 dollar guitar and a ton of effects pedals, I'd be as good as that guy too."  "I need to upgrade my blah blah and then I'd be slaying it."

Friends... It's not the instrument, but how you play it.  Bottom line.  There's no short cut to the grind of endless practice.  Like it or not, you probably need to take lessons.  You'll need to memorize chord positions on the fretboard and where all of the notes lie.  You'll want to pick up a music theory book and a beginner jazz guitar one so you can eventually learn to improvise.

But once you bust through the other side, the fun can really start.  You can be walking around one of the numerous Walmart's out in America's heartland, encounter some goofy kid's guitar, tune it by ear, and then record a quick video of you shredding and singing for the Youtube views.

walmart rockstars

Clay Shelburn and Zac Stokes prove this yet again in their video called Walmart Rockstars.  Which is hilarious in and of itself.  But you "wish you could play guitar" suckers won't be laughing in a second!

Clay and Zac pick up a child's toy guitar based on the Pixar film Cars (of all things that aren't remotely related to guitars) and put on an awesome performance for their smart phone camera.  Luckily they shared it with us via the internet:

Given that the instrument is built properly and tunes properly, the quality of the manufacturing doesn't limit your ability to play.  I mean, these guys just played better than most people ever will on a cheap kid's toy.  Nothing limits your ability to play!

You limit your ability to play!

So if you're looking to master the instrument of your choice, don't make excuses about money and budget and whatever else.  Get started now!

cars guitar

If you have to, score a Cars guitar for the time being.  I'm not even joking.  Just get started.  By the time you've saved up enough for a decent used guitar at the pawn shop, you'll already be strumming and picking with some degree of not-sucking-ness.  The sooner you can get past the learner's curve the better.

The only thing you have to dedicated is time and concentration, and if you can't do that then you suffer from the factor we call "laziness."

While I'm definitely pretty darned lazy, I recommend to you to hustle hard and do it for the love!  Meanwhile I'll be here rooting you on, eating Cheeze-It's and watching more Youtube.