Girl Plays the Entire Back to the Future Theme By Herself!

This young Japanese pianist girl is about to blow your mind.  You thought you had a special hidden talent?  You thought you studied hard growing up?

When I was growing up, we'd impress each other by coloring in an entire sheet of paper with our pencil in class or seeing who could spit the farthest on the playground.  This girl, on the other hand, probably already has two college degrees, a Grammy, and a Nobel prize.

All by herself, she rocks the entire orchestral Back to the Future (バック トゥ ザ フューチャー) theme on this digital organ.  I'm talking, she's even got the percussion going on with the foot pedals, the lead melody with her right hand, and harmonizations on the left.  I can't even use the analog sticks on these new video game controllers, and these kids out here are putting entire orchestras out of business.

To top it all off, she performs this act of amazement in her pretty recital gown:

Her upload on YouTube humbly states:


Which basically means, "This is me giving it a practice run the day before my recital.  I messed up a couple of times..."  Trust me, I translated that myself without the help of any free online services.

As if we'd notice any mistakes or mess-ups!  Her sheet music might as well be quantum wave functions, or in my case some really hard algebra.  Do her eyes work independently of each other?  There's no way I could read all of that at once, let alone process it and then translate it into finger and foot magic.


Sorry, but you're all fired.

What are they feeding kids these days?  Check out her channel, 826aska, where you can find her her shredding the Jurassic Park theme live on stage, the Lupin the 3rd theme, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a lot more.  There are more videos of her playing tons of other stuff but I can't read Japanese that well and I don't recognize all these anime themes anyways.  I hope somewhere in there she's rocking out the Ranma 1/2 theme, preferably the opener from season one.

japanese pianist girl

Why couldn't my parents have made me learn something this awesome?  They just kept insisting I quit playing the Little Mermaid NES game and go outside.  I did tell the story in another post about them buying me a drum set and expecting me to learn how to play them while they screamed at me for making too much noise, so I guess you could say they tried to make me learn an instrument.  All I really learned was how to be an anxious wreck.

I spent most of my youth catching and releasing crawdads out of the creek and then getting in trouble for being muddy... Make that make sense, people!  "Go outside and play and don't get dirty.  Practice the drums but don't make noise."  Be right back, I need to talk to my therapist.

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