Joey Muha's Death Metal Drumming to "I'm a Little Teapot"

There's a high chance you guys have come across Joey Muha before.  He's a smart feller using his Youtube channel to promote his personal brand.  He's publishing very frequently and is at over 10 million views!

Joey's charismatic drumming makes him a visual spectacle beyond his raw drumming talent.  He puts his skillset to great use by covering a lot of popular songs.  It's a clever way to always remain relevant.  But the funnest part, to me, is when he decides to do drum covers of children's songs, whether that be nursery rhymes, cartoon theme songs, or video game soundtracks.

joey muha death metal drummer im a little teapot

He's been getting a lot of coverage for his shenanigans, such as combining death metal drumming with "Wheels on the Bus" and the Pokemon theme song, among dozens of other silly combinations.  And why not?  What better way to introduce the next generation of children to the wonders of technical drumming and death metal?

Mr. Joey Muha absolutely slays it on his Vic Firth drum set (dude's crazy with the double kick drum).

His most recent foray into the goofy is an all time favorite, and perhaps one of the greatest songs of all time...

i'm a little teapot

I'm a Little Teapot.  Get ready to have your wig blown back by the high energy percussive whirlwind of doom:

I love it when he hits the second verse and goes into double time.  I'm willing to bet that he gives the songs one listen and then improvises over it, and then says "next song!"  If you look at his list of videos there's a ton that are all in this same spot.  That's not strange when you consider most people have a "drum spot" in their home, but my man is wearing the same pair of torn up pants in each video.  He went to town in one sitting and did like 75 videos or so.  Like I told you, he's smart!

If you're a drumming aficionado or even just an enjoyer of popular entertainment, you'll have a blast running through his Youtube channel.  And for the ladies, Joey seems to not be much of a fan of wearing a shirt, so you can ogle his drummer's physique while you watch.  You'll see songs that are rare enough that you'll recognize some of them and be like "ooh, that's right up my alley from my childhood."

From video game theme songs to classic television like Gilligan's Island, he's pumping out tons of videos and each is uniquely entertaining.  I've tried to watch as many as I can but he's ventured so far into these different cultures that I don't even know some of it, like the video games and anime titles.  But he did Saved By The Bell, which I definitely know as an 80's kid.  And he did Britney Spear's Toxic, which was a favorite of mine back when TRL was still live.

joey muha bands jungle rot and threat signal

You can catch Joey Muha in his Canadian industrial metal band Threat Signal and his Wisconsin death metal band Jungle Rot.  Their original music is much scarier than our favorite teapot jingle.