Matt McGuire Shows Skrillex & Rick Ross What's Up!

When the Skrillex & Rick Ross single Purple Lamborghini came out, I couldn't stop listening to it.  The video was cool with tons of visually appealing swagadelic bossness.  Rick Ross did his thing (I love how much he lays back on the beat).

But it was Skrillex with his drum production and arrangement that once again blew me away.

Eventually I quit jamming the song on repeat, but I had done it enough times that Youtube pushed this video by Matt McGuire at me as soon as he uploaded it.

matt mcguire purple lamborghini

Twas none other than a drum cover of Purple Lamborghini, my favorite aspect of the song!  As much as I like the vocals and all the other EDM aspects, the beat makes the entire track.

Let's do this right.  If you have time, peep out the original video first and make sure you pay attention to the drums.  Funnily enough, note the lack of any lambo's of the purple variety in the video.  It's so cool but so goofy, with Rick Ross, Skrillex, and the Joker running around a club, in a boat, and in some cars.  They should have been on a train and on a plain, in a box with a fox.  Check out "Green Eggs & Lamborghini" below:

Skrillex & Rick Ross - Purple Lamborghini

You have to admit, that's hype.  It was for the Suicide Squad soundtrack, some DC Comics movie that came out recently.

And now for Mr. McGuire's drum cover, where he not only faithfully reproduces every note but puts on a charismatic performance as well.  To add to it, he actually filmed this in a garage with two lambo's, both being shades of purple.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

Matt McGuire - Purple Lamborghini - Skrillex Drum Cover

People noted in the comments about the lack of microphones on the drums.  There definitely weren't any boundary or room mics capturing the recording because it was far too crisp, especially in that garage with horrible acoustics.  Matt commented that he recorded the audio you hear in the studio and then reproduced the playing in the garage.  He nails it perfectly again to such a degree that I never would have noticed if not for the comments.  I wasn't even thinking about audio quality.  I was too mesmerized by the drum patterns.

What's masterful about Skrillex's writing and Matt's playing (besides them having the same hair cut) is that they both know to let the music breathe and build up, over and over.  The dude has a double kick and only sprinkles it in at just the right moments so it pops hard.  I like the last part too where he adds his own flavor at the end of the song.

Shout out to Matt McGuire, one of the few dudes I've seen really parallel the greats like Neil Peart.  I think the man has great things ahead of him if he doesn't already.  Our kids will be talking about him and whatever band he starts or joins for decades to come.