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Stickman Wins Contest With The Chapman Stick!

Sunday - Jan 17, 2016 Talent

I had never heard of the Chapman Stick or the Stickman before I was goofing around on Indi.com where they host all kinds of musical challenges (with cash prizes!). There was a contest going on for best solo instrumentalist.  Usually these end up going to someone playing the piano or the guitar, but... The winning […]

"Enter Sandman" Bluegrass Cover? Iron Horse vs. Metallica

Friday - Jan 8, 2016 Talent

My guitar virtuoso brother is a big fan of Bluegrass.  He says that these guys are all shredders and could slay some technical metal or rock. That's why I got all giddy when I came across this video of an Enter Sandman Bluegrass rendition by Iron Horse: If you dig this, check out their Youtube […]

Girl Plays the Entire Back to the Future Theme By Herself!

Thursday - Jan 7, 2016 Talent

This young Japanese pianist girl is about to blow your mind.  All by herself, she rocks the entire orchestral Back to the Future (バック トゥ ザ フューチャー) theme on this digital organ, foot pedals and all. To top it all, she's in her pretty recital gown: Her upload on YouTube humbly states: 発表会の前日です。間違いがありますが、これが精一杯でしょうか・・・ Which basically […]

The Bad Plus Plays Aphex Twin's Flim... Live?!?

Monday - Nov 9, 2015 Talent

Most everyone I know who is a fan of Aphex Twin was introduced and converted by his track called Flim.  It's a super ambient electronic track full of the most complex micro-beats you've ever heard.  You could go into a trance trying to analyze those drums along with the dreamy piano melody. Basically, it's the […]

That's Right. Dubstep in a McDonald's Cup

Tuesday - Oct 20, 2015 Talent

Beatboxer Parker Kane is an opportunist. He'll use any situation he can to practice his craft, and that includes busting out some dubstep with a McDonald's cup: Well that's one way to make dubstep.  I tried that once and just ended up blowing Diet Coke bubbles all over my shirt, which was a good time to […]

Further Proof It's Not the Instrument But How You Play It

Saturday - Aug 1, 2015 Talent

Not a day goes by when people are looking for a short cut or a scape goat when it comes to their musical talent.  How many times have you heard these excuses: "If I could afford a $5,000 dollar guitar and a ton of effects pedals, I'd be as good as that guy too."  "I […]