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Dan Deacon Performs "Ohio" on NBC Morning

Wednesday - Jul 29, 2015 Talent

Back before Dan Deacon was working on classical compositions, scoring films by Francis Ford Coppola, doing shows at Carnegie Hall, and having his music played all over Adult Swim, he was doing nutty electronic music (and still is, don't get me wrong!). I remember about ten years ago seeing Dan on NBC's morning show doing […]

Recorder + Beatbox = Medhat Mamdouh

Tuesday - Jul 21, 2015 Talent

I've always got my ears to the streets, mainly because I'm a hardcore mofo.  Due to this reality, I caught wind of this video going around the internets featuring Medhat Mamdouh, a boss in his own right. He's a boss because he quite frankly doesn't give a crap.  He developed a talent that is off the […]

Croatian Genius Skirts the Insanity Line

Tuesday - May 5, 2015 Talent

There's a fine line between insanity and being a Croatian genius street performer scooting around with all kinds of contraptions and gadgets hooked into you.  +1 point for making it funny. You have to question what universe you're even in after watching a guy with an IQ of 160 choose a kazoo as one of […]

Guitar Percussion with Ben Lacy

Wednesday - Mar 4, 2015 Talent

Nothing is cooler when one guy on one instrument does the job of an entire band.  Ben Lacy destroys it in this video called "Guitar Percussion." I think he might be a wizard.  He's literally your favorite guitar player's favorite guitar player. I just fired my drummer and told my guitarist to start pulling his […]