Pogo the Remix Artist Does a Dubstep Scooby-Doo

Nick Bertke goes by the name Pogo.  He's a remix artist. This is his logo:

pogo remix artist

As we all know, breaking into the music business is no easy task.  I'm always impressed to see people using their creativity and ingenuity to carve a unique path for themselves, thereby sidestepping all of the competition.

Making awesome remixes is how Pogo gets it done.


Slap on some video editing skills and bang, he's getting big corporate jobs, stacking cheddar to the ceiling, and riding on 24 inch chrome.  Then he can leverage that to launch his own projects.  That's that hustle, bruh.


My favorite so far has been ScoobyStep, his Dubstep take on Scooby-Doo, largely using sound effects from the show.  Who'd have thought Scooby sniffing the monster's trail or chewing carrots could make the glitches. Shaggy's ridiculous noises and the clan's footsteps are all included, among tons of others.  It's hard to explain.

You're better off just checking out the awesomeness:

I once tried to become a dubstep maker.  I'd have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling wub-wubs.