Recorder + Beatbox = Medhat Mamdouh

I've always got my ears to the streets, mainly because I'm a hardcore mofo.  Due to this reality, I caught wind of this video going around the internets featuring Medhat Mamdouh, a boss in his own right.

medhat mamdouh flute recorder beatbox

He's a boss because he quite frankly doesn't give a crap.  He developed a talent that is off the wall and insanely cool.  He mixed his beatbox skills with that of the recorder, that little plastic knockoff flute we all messed around with when we were little.

Check him out.

Medhat Mamdouh - Recorder Beatbox - War Freestyle

This Egyptian gentleman has a whole slew of videos on his channel of him slaying all kinds of original songs, including him on stage doing live performances, jams, and even on the show Arabs Got Talent.

It's so cool to hear a recorder tuned to a different scale than our typical Western options.

The recorder is up there on my list of most annoying instruments, I can't even lie.  I think the order goes Bagpipes, Accordion, Recorder, Ocarina.  However, any of them done right, played by a masterful musician, can be awesome.  Except the bagpipe.  We should gather them all together and enjoy the world's largest bonfire while dancing around and playing real instruments.

medhat mamdouh live

Anyways, Medhat Mamdouh managed to make the recorder cool for the first time in history.  For this, we salute you!