One Guy on the Guitar, Drums, & Vocals at the Same Time!

Meet Dominic Fragman, a multi-instrumentalist who sings, drums, and plays guitar… all at the same time.  He never has to worry about lining up schedules for his band to rehearse because he is his band.  The only problem is his roommates really hate him.

dominic fragman rush tom sawyer

Do you remember Rahzel, in particular his song “If Your Mother Only Knew” from nearly 2 decades ago, where he would rap, sing, and beatbox at the same time?  Dominic, aka Solo Trio, probably heard that and thought, “Hold my beer, I got this.”

He’s been uploading music videos to Youtube for over six years, and despite his skill level and the uniqueness of his performances, he’s gone relatively under the radar… Until now.  This video began making the rounds on social media and Reddit recently, which is how I ran into it.  And now I pass it on to you.

Check out the video below!

Over a month after originally posting his Solo Trio cover of the classic "Tom Sawyer" song by Rush, he’s finally starting to get the recognition he deserves.  At the time of posting this, he has just over 1000 subscribers to his Youtube channel since 2008.  Something tells us that’s about to change.  [2018 Edit: This video is nearing a million views now!]

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  In terms of pure listenability, one guy on his own is never going to have quite the lush sound of a full band, but having said that - he totally nails this.  That's why I'm not mad that he tried to pull a fast one on us and overdub an extra guitar take so he could hard pan one left and right!

That's right, I caught that one.  I'm like some kind of listening savant.  They don't call me mix master for nothing.

But to cut him some slack, we all know that was just to enhance the presentation.  He could have pulled the same effect off with a chorus pedal or doubler and we'd have never said a thing.  And let's not pretend Rush didn't overdub the original Tom Sawyer. At the end of the day, the Holy Trinity is still only a trio, and Dominic is doing it the same thing solo.

However, this got us thinking… what are some of the advantages of not having any bandmates to deal with?

  • You don’t have to clean up puke after a night of partying and drinking apple juice.
  • Your oregano jar never gets raided.
  • No arguments over who takes lead vocals or whose lyrics gets used.
  • No fighting over the gain knobs in the studio or on stage.
  • No need to take separate tour buses as egos inflate.

He’s even got a bit of that trademark Geddy Lee wail to his voice.  We love Rush and especially this song.  Neil Peart destroys it.  This is our... what... 5th Tom Sawyer post now?  It's not just us!

At the end of the day, are you going to rip Dominic's cover songs to bump in the whip?  Nah.  But, are you curious to check out all of his upcoming videos?  Probably!  Show some love and subscribe to his Youtube channel to stay in the loop for his next videos.

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