Super Smash Bros Musical Melee - Jazz Drum Improv

I don't know what it is with musicians and this game.  I've never played it but I know a ton of dudes who miss rehearsals and are late to gigs constantly over this Super Smash Bros nonsense.

I mean, I'm sure it's cool, but it's no Marvel vs. Capcom.

Funnily, the main culprit who is constantly screwing his band over due to this game is also a drummer, like the guy playing a live improvisation soundtrack to an epic battle between Starfox and Princess Peach:

Tell me this doesn't sound like the perfect name for a college fraternity:

super smash bros logo

Apparently this is a grand finals battle between a couple serious players?  Don't know, don't care.

But this Andrew Barhite drummer guy is dope.

I'd like to pay him to follow me around all day and accentuate every motion and move I make:

"Oh snap, he's leaning forward in his computer chair *1/16th notes on the hihats* He's reaching for his diet Mountain Dew! *tom tom break* He's unpausing Netflix! *cymbal crash*"

Actually, now that I'm looking at the end of the video, it seems to have been composed and transcribed too so... I should scratch that whole "live improv" comment... done.

super smash bros musical melee jazz drum improv

Someone who can actually improvise matches could probably make a killing on Twitch doing this. Imagine orchestrating Skyrim, Counter Strike, or Marble Madness even!

If anyone does this, I want a 3% commission for the idea.  Put your people in touch with my people and we'll work it out.