Super Smash Bros Musical Melee - Jazz Drum Improv

I don't know what it is with musicians and this game.  I've never played it but I know a ton of dudes who miss rehearsals and are late to gigs constantly over this Super Smash Bros nonsense.  I can't say I'm surprised since many musician types are desperately doing everything they can to stave off adulthood.

I mean, I'm sure it's cool, but it's no Marvel vs. Capcom.

Funnily, the main culprit I know who is constantly screwing his band over due to this game is also a drummer, like the guy playing a live improvisation soundtrack to an epic battle between Starfox and Princess Peach:

Update: The YouTube channel that posted the original video was terminated. Not much I can do, but to make it up to you here's a guy playing drums to a medley of Smash Bros songs:

"But, but, I'm practicing for the upcoming tournament.  Smash Bro competitions are serious business!  I could win $300!"  Meanwhile he just missed a $300 gig and costed all his bandmates that much too, and ruined their chance of ever playing at that venue ever again.  But hey, Smash Bro's, bro!

Tell me this doesn't sound like the perfect name for a college fraternity:

super smash bros logo

Apparently this video is for a grand finals battle between a couple serious players?  Don't know, don't care.  Call me when one of them contributes something to society and gets a Nobel prize, or at least cleans up their room.

But this Andrew Barhite drummer guy, he is legitimately dope.

I'd like to pay him to follow me around all day with a drum kit on wheels and accentuate every motion and move I make:

"Oh snap, he's leaning forward in his computer chair *1/16th notes on the hihats* He's reaching for his diet Mountain Dew! *tom tom break* He's unpausing Netflix! *cymbal crash*"

I'd actually pay another guy to narrate it just like that too.  I'd prefer James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman but I'd even settle for the guy who does all those movie trailers.  I feel like I'd end up playing into the gimmick and my life would just become a Charlie Chaplin movie, like a live-action Warner Brothers cartoon.

Actually, now that I'm looking at the end of the video, it seems to have been composed and transcribed too so... I should scratch that whole "live improv" comment... done.  I remember being in college and feeling like I had all the time in the world.  I'd squander it on stunts like this too instead of doing something like building a business or helping out the needy.  We should all reevaluate our lives... "Hey, did you hear the new Smash game just got released?!?"

super smash bros musical melee jazz drum improv

Someone who can actually improvise matches could probably make a killing on Twitch doing this. Imagine orchestrating Skyrim, Counter Strike, or Marble Madness even!  If you had a set of MIDI drums and could dial up strings and brass on the fly, the sky would be the limit.  The Twitch donations from one night would add up to more than winning first place in 18 Smash tournaments.

If anyone does this, I want a 5% commission for the idea.  Put your people in touch with my people and we'll work it out.