The Bad Plus Plays Aphex Twin's Flim... Live?!?

Most everyone I know who is a fan of Aphex Twin was introduced and converted by his track called Flim.  It's a super ambient electronic track full of the most complex micro-beats you've ever heard.  You could go into a trance trying to analyze those drums along with the dreamy piano melody.

Basically, it's the next level drum rhythms that you'd think you could only pull off by programming them in a computer DAW... until you The Bad Plus drummer nail it note for note with zero mistakes.

the bad plus flim live

Whether you've heard the original or not, go ahead and watch this drummer.  When your face is done melting off, you can continue on to hear the original lower in the post.  This video was filmed at New Morning in Paris on October 5th, 2010.

The Bad Plus Version

Scoop your face up off the floor and get situated.  Because now you have to check out the original.

The Original Aphex Twin Version

The original Aphex Twin version is beautiful for it's perfectly mixed soundscape with that spacey reverb and crystal clear clarity.

aphex twin flim live

But there's nothing like seeing The Bad Plus reproduce this insanity live.  I've seen other guys pretend to pull it off on YouTube while simplify it.  These guys didn't miss a single lick.  Accept no substitutes!