3D Printed Guitars! Here's an H.P. Lovecraft Design!

This blew my mind for two reasons.  First off... who'da thunk it?  3D printed guitars literally never came to my mind over the month I wracked my brain about what could be done with a 3D printer.  That's pretty sad.

Think about the possibilities.  3D printed guitar picks, pick guards, headstocks, necks, knobs, and more.  Someone needs to start that business pronto.  Well, picks probably won't work out but the rest sounds good.  I want 5% commissions for generating the idea.

The Lovecraft Guitar

The second thing that blew my mind was that the maker of the beautiful guitar I'm about to show you chose to base it around the concepts of H.P. Lovecraft, my absolute favorite horror author ever.  Matter of fact, I just finished reading this tome of everything he ever wrote:

lovecraft complete fiction

As you can see, his designs and concepts were so out there that a new term was created just to describe them, called Cosmicism.  It's all about realities that exist beyond our perception or physical reach, but occasionally crossover and completely drive the witnesses insane.

The reason I tell you all of this is so you'll understand the nutty transcendental demonic alien creatures slathered all over this guitar.  Lovecraft is to horror like Arthur C. Clarke is to sci-fi.  It's on another level.

Could 3D Printed Guitars Be The Future?

You decide!  Take a look at these pictures, and then you can move on to watching an actual video of a guy shredding this monstrosity.

lovecraft 3d printed guitar

hp lovecraft guitar beast

3d printer music art

lovecraft white guitar

cosmicism on guitar

Tis a thing of beauty and horror... It looks like it could be based on the work of H.R. Giger too.

Background and Video

This hit the scene when a Reddit user who calls himself 3DprinterFR made a post for his buddy Francesco who created this guitar.

The guitar’s design is inspired by Lovecraft and was done in ZBrush and for some parts in Rhino. Overall it took 100 hours to get it printed.

Eventually Francesco himself showed up on Reddit to tell more about his goals and ideas surrounding the guitar:

Hello guys! Francesco here, I’m the designer of this guitar. Hope you like the design and the idea even if the recording is not a professional one. I don’t have a proper amp here in London, my Fender is still in Sardinia. But I’ll probably test the guitar with a decent recording condition as soon as I can. I’m not a professional guitarist as you can see, what I’m trying to do is to experiment at work the potential of 3D printing also in music, and I guess that for electronic instruments there is a lot that we can do and discuss about it. So thanks for all the critics, advice and comments in general. Cheers everyone!

He also shared this video showing him playing this bad boy...

Pretty cool, right?  RIGHT!?!?  You better like it.  Francesco took 100 hours to make this, and it took me a lot of finger tapping to type this out!  Go read some H.P. Lovecraft if you haven't, you heathen!  All Praise Cthulu!