Guitar Wing - Another Fun Toy to Play With

There's never a lack of nutty MIDI controllers on the market.  We've covered a couple on this blog already.  Enter the next competitor, the Livid Guitar Wing.

livid guitar wing

It doesn't matter what style body you're rocking on your bass or guitar.  The wing will grip right on the horn of that sucker and open up your performance to a new world of cray-cray.

This beast wirelessly talks to your computer so you can rock out with their proprietary effects plugin called WingFX, or use any DAW like Logic Pro, Guitar Rig, Reason, Garage Band, etc.  If it can handle MIDI, it can handle the Guitar Wing.  But can you!?!?

I'm skeptical of a lot of these gadgets, but a few tend to stand out.  This one won a Popular Science Invention Award, so I figured it deserved a chance.  My only concern is the wireless nature of the transmission of the MIDI data, which means we're relying on that working perfectly and our batteries not dying.  It's not a big deal if you're not on stage, but if you are it can mean the difference between a standing ovation and a crash and burn with no encore.  I'm not at all saying this one has problems.  I'm just skeptical!

The Guitar Wing has the pressure sensitive tapping buttons you'd expect, the preset selection buttons, wet/dry slider, and all that good stuff.  To me, the coolest aspect that really sets this apart is the triple-axis accelerometer.  You can turn that on, and start wailing and swinging your neck around like a mad man, and the Wing will tweak your sound up with it's Motion Wah capabilities.  It reminds me of the Guitar Hero game and launching your special power or whatever it was called.

Look at just some of these options, which of course are all 100% customizable:

effects diagram

That's a picture of the software plugin's interface, showing modulation, low frequency oscillation, distortion, reverb, delay, motion wah, pitch shifting, and the ability to load up samples to trigger.  Basically you're loading up a ton of effects pedals onto your guitar where you control them with your hands on the fly.  You can use it to affect your vocals or any other signal as well.  It requires you to offload all the processing to a computer though so if you do this live, you need to make sure your laptop is a beast that won't need much buffering.  Otherwise the latency is going to confuse the heck out of you.

Anyways, you know I wouldn't leave you without a demo video.  Check out this guy playing with the looper and running through the full array of effects.

If you can dig it, head over to the Livid website and scoop one up.  They look great, which is half the battle.  If you're the only guy around using one, then it could give you a unique spin to your stage presence.  But you know as soon as you're seen with one on stage, "that one guy" is going to go buy one the next day.

Now YOU TOO can sound like The Edge.  Get it?  U2?  GET IT!?!?!?