Loopa - The World's First Vocal Looper Microphone

Sonuus, the guitar playing engineers that brought us their pitch-to-MIDI converters and pedals for guitars are revolutionizing the industry again.  Meet Loopa, the world's first looper microphone:

vocal looper

Every good product solves a specific need and Loopa is no different.

The Vocal Looper Conundrum

Vocalists are unique among the world of musicians.  Their instrument is their voice.  All they should have to worry about is their voice, their microphone, and maybe an XLR cable tops.  But when it comes time to practice harmonies or complex constructions of layered vocal magic they are typically at a loss.


Because looping vocals has always required extra equipment.  Why in the world should a vocalist be messing with a guitar loop pedal or a loop station?  Bogging down in technical know-how knocks you right out of the artistic frame of mind and ruins your practice session.

Enter Loopa to save the day.  It's about time someone thought of the vocalists!

loopa mic

Loopa by Sonuus

Take all of the features and possibilities that other musicians have had easy access to and insert that into the common workflow of the singer, rapper, or beatboxer.  Wrap all of that up into a microphone and you're talking about Loopa.  Take a look these tech specs:

Technical Specifications

  • Looping: 12 minutes of recording with unlimited overdubbing and 16 levels of undo and redo
  • Microphone: cardioid condenser with a max SPL of 130dB and 100Hz to 16kHz frequency response
  • Packaged: cable included plus converters for most speakers, monitors, and smartphones
  • Electronics: custom looper engine with 32-bit processing, internal flash memory and 10 hours of battery life per AA

That's slick.  This opens an entire world up for live performers, saves time and money before you hit the studio, or makes a great gift for anyone looking to play around and learn the craft, no matter the person's current skill level or age.

Promo Video

To get an idea of what's capable with the Loopa mic, check out one of their many videos:

That's how easy it is to whip up a full-fledged song without moving the mic away from your mouth.  You trigger all of options with your thumb as you perform.  This is the ease that arises out of the genius of the Sonuus team.

how loopa mic works

What the Pro's are Saying

"Loopa is a game changing product that will redefine what artists can do with the very first instruments, the human voice.  That's just the beginning."

~ Vernon Reid - Grammy-winning guitarist, songwriter, & composer

"I've been like a kid getting a new toy for Christmas... really good sound and really innovative looping technology."

~ Hobbit - Beatboxer, multi-award winning champion & judge in the UK beatboxing scene

Who is the Loopa For?

Technically everybody!  This vocal looper tech isn't limited to only vocalists.  At NAMM, Grammy nominee José Valentino showed us his flute skills using the Loopa, which you can see in the video on the Kickstarter page.  Basically any voice or instrument that doesn't plug into an amp is fair play!

Street performers downtown, beatboxers in a high school talent show, Grammy winners, professionals and amateurs... there are thousands of scenarios where you'll find the Loopa vocal looper.

Be the First in Your Crew!

You can learn more about the Loopa at their official website or you can jump right over to their Kickstarter page and make sure you get in on the first production run.  Help support the innovators in the music industry and scoop up a Loopa today!