Minimalist Design & Titanium Electric Guitar

That's right.  You read that correctly.  Check out this titanium masterpiece:

minimal electric guitar

Gittler Instruments was at NAMM 2016 showing off their minimally designed, fully titanium electric guitar, pictured above.  It looks like something out of an H.R. Giger drawing, but from the distant future.  I suppose the design considerations were driven partially by the cost of the material as well as an attempt to look sophisticated and futuristic.  It worked out well.

Their complete line-up of guitars, electric bass, upright bass, and violin are all described with phrasing such as:

A striking minimalist design with rounded cylindrical and ergonomic features, the Gittler Guitar is manufactured entirely of 6AL-4V aircraft grade Titanium.

The electric guitar weighs in at 3 lbs with 31 rounded frets.  The frets are perfect cylinders, creating the smallest point of contact possible (a tangent line across a circle's circumference... oh high-school Geometry, how I remember thee).  Mr. Allan Gittler himself holds a patent for these special headless guitar tuners.  You need those because the guitar is headless, you know what I'm saying?

Beyond having the industries best and most accurate MIDI tracking and the world's first and only pickup with 6 discrete transducers, but it has LED fret lighting.  I mean, c'mon, bro.  There may come a day when it's recognized as the best electric guitar ever, but it may need to change its look first to appeal to a larger crowd.  Those blue lights acting as guitar inlays look amazing to me.  Can you imagine being in the crowd of a dark, smoky bar and seeing a guitarist waving the neck of this thing around.  It'd be like a laser show with some music to accompany it.

LED fret lights

If you weren't already thinking about extraterrestrial technology, you might still not be, but the LEDs sealed the deal for me.

You see those two bars coming off of the back to form the body of the guitar?  It's more than just that, you also use it to shift the balance of the weight exactly where you like it.

I just noticed there isn't even a fret board, only because the guy in this video just said it before he started demoing it.  I don't suppose you need one at all.  It's strange to look at this thing and then hear it played, because it sounds just like a traditional guitar.  He mentions that the strings are fairly close the pickups and you have to adjust your strumming technique a little bit.  It doesn't matter if you touch the pickups, it's just that you'll notice.

Check out the video.  He shows you all of that, how the straps work, and more.  And don't forget, on top if it being a guitar it can double as a MIDI controller.  Pretty nifty.

You can pop on over to the Gittler Instruments homepage, if you scroll down to the bottom, and see more videos of a ton of pro's wailing on the guitar and bass at NAMM.

You should just to check out more pictures of this thing.  I'm trying to decide if it looks more like it came out of Alien or Terminator.  It's definitely one of the weirdest types of electric guitars I've seen.