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ACPAD - The Wireless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar

Wednesday - Jul 29, 2015 Tech

The fellas over at have painstakingly researched, developed, and manufactured a masterpiece.  The ACPAD is a wireless MIDI controller for acoustic guitar.  I suppose you could slap it on an electric too, but it do what it do. The ACPAD is slick.  Do you want to play back up chords while you rip out […]

3D Printed Guitars! Here's an H.P. Lovecraft Design!

Monday - Jul 27, 2015 Tech

This blew my mind for two reasons.  First off... who'da thunk it?  3D printed guitars literally never came to my mind over the month I wracked my brain about what could be done with a 3D printer.  That's pretty sad. Think about the possibilities.  3D printed guitar picks, pick guards, headstocks, necks, knobs, and more. […]

Need Music But Not a Musician? AudioJungle!

Wednesday - Jun 10, 2015 Tech

So many of us get caught in a position where we're in need of some music for some project of our own.  The problem is, there's quite a barrier to entry for creating what we need and doing it well enough to present to our fans, customers, bosses, etc.  That's where AudioJungle comes in! AudioJungle […]

ATTN: Cover Band Vocalists - Learn Lyrics Fast!

Monday - May 11, 2015 Tech

If you're a cover band vocalist or a teenager sitting in his bedroom trying to memorize lyrics for street-cred at school, you know how much of a pain it is to listen to a song or verse over and over trying to cram every single word into your goofy little pee-brain. We've all tried reading […]

PianoArc - Like a Hula Hoop, But a Keyboard Instead

Thursday - May 7, 2015 Tech

Today has been strange.  First the Tesla Coil and then the Theremin... I've got one more crazy instrument to show you. It might not be on the "Whoops, we summoned an inter-dimensional demon" level, but it'll still blow your mind.  Let me introduce you to Brockett Parsons, the lead keyboardist for Lady Gaga, and his invention, […]

Tesla Coils: Nope, Not Even Once

Thursday - May 7, 2015 Tech

I'm sure guys have all heard of the mad genius Nikola Tesla.  He gave us some legit inventions like alternating current and also ideas about wireless electricity and other stuff that the government supposedly suppressed.  Tesla went on record saying something about "The world can only tolerate one life-changing invention per generation," but I'm pretty […]