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Theremin: Almost the Most Worthless But Cool Gadget Ever

Thursday - May 7, 2015 Tech

If you've never seen a theremin, you're not missing too much, but it is legit kind of cool.  First, just take a goosey gander at one: Yep, even Moog has made one.  Does it lend it any more street-cred?  About as much as if Ibanez started making accordians.  Which is to say, no.  But don't […]

The Wait is Over: The HUMMbucker Electric Kazoo!

Wednesday - May 6, 2015 Tech

For generations we've dreamed of such a time, and that time has now arrived.  The ancients were stuck annoying people with ocarinas, and our more modern ancestors had to settle for bagpipes, accordions, and harmonicas.  But a new world rises, one of technologically supplemented antagonization of the innocent... I present to you... The HUMMbucker Electric Kazoo! […]

Guitar Wing - Another Fun Toy to Play With

Thursday - Mar 12, 2015 Tech

There's never a lack of nutty MIDI controllers on the market.  Enter the Livid Guitar Wing. It doesn't matter what style body you're rocking on your bass or guitar.  The wing will grip right on that sucker and open up your performance to a new world of cray-cray. This beast wirelessly talks to your computer […]

The Artiphon Instrument 1 - Digital Multi-Instrument

Tuesday - Mar 10, 2015 Tech

Currently launching on Kickstarter, Artiphon is out to revolutionize the industry with it's new Instrument 1.  It's definitely coming, because at the moment of me typing this, over 1,500 backers have pledged over half of a million dollars (well over the $75,000 goal)! So what the heck is it?  What's it look like? Okay... so […]

RSSCloud Walkthrough

Thursday - Jul 16, 2009 Tech

This article originally appeared on For the sake of prosperity, we have kept the Walkthrough page alive and have stored it here for future reference: Implementor’s guide to rssCloud This document shows how RSS 2.0′s <cloud> element can be used to connect a loosely-coupled Twitter-like network of people and 140-character status messages. We walk through an […]

CD's That Don't Play

Tuesday - Sep 10, 2002 Tech

This article originally appeared on The BFA and its members have received calls about newly purchased CDs that will not play, lock up computers or, in some cases, just don't seem to sound as good as they should.  We are saddened that sections of the record industry should treat their customers with so little […]