PianoArc - Like a Hula Hoop, But a Keyboard Instead

Today has been strange.  First the Tesla Coil and then the Theremin... I've got one more crazy instrument to show you.

piano arc logo

It might not be on the "Whoops, we summoned an inter-dimensional demon" level, but it'll still blow your mind.  Let me introduce you to Brockett Parsons, the lead keyboardist for Lady Gaga, and his invention, the PianoArc:


Parsons designed this beast to be the unification of three 88-key keyboards plus a 30-key control panel, giving you a total of... *gets my calculator*... 294 keys!  Dat ain't right.

It started off as just one of those cool things to do to enhance your live stage performance, but it took off and is now in production.

Brockett and his friend even played a demo of it at last years NAMM.  Check it out in action:

That's right.  Two people can fit in there and play chopsticks at the same time!  It's a special order so go ahead and get a request at the official site so you can have it to me by Christmas.

I can't imagine what would happen if you slapped a couple dudes like Rick Wakeman and Lyle Mays in there.  They'd be improvising next level fusion-psychedelic-jazz-rock and then Mays would accidentally step on Wakeman's wizard cape and all hell would break loose.