The ScrubBoard Returns with Guitar Loops & Scratching!

The last time we visited Jeremy Bell & his ScrubBoard he was working on demoing the added rocker to his DJ scratching device from the retro-future.

The ScrubBoard's Evolution

Now, not only has he put together a more refined product, but he's stepped up his own ScrubBoard game!  Jeremy hit us up to tell us about his potential performance at a big festival that didn't pan out due to other conflicts, which led to him filming his set at home so we could all still partake in the awesomeness.

He uploaded this craziness to his Youtube channel.  What you'll notice is he's added the ability to combine two guitar loops as a backing track for the rocker while his other hand is scratching on the cassette tape:

The creator himself is definitely getting his chops together.  The best part?  Jeremy included some diagrams that show us how the signal routes around throughout his performance in an easy to read flowchart fashion.

Jeremy has flat out invented something brand new and so ground breaking that we can't even fathom all of the various applications and design possibilities yet... But he gave us some insight into what's coming next!  We are sworn to secrecy but I can tell you, it's going to be pretty sweet.

Here's a little preview he's made public:

the scrubboard beta

Get a load of that!  Make sure you keep up with the evolution of this product so you can tell your grandkids, "Yeah, I remember when that was being developed.  Who knew the ScrubBoard would be responsible for finally bringing world peace and prosperity to the globe?"