Tesla Coils: Nope, Not Even Once

I'm sure guys have all heard of the mad genius Nikola Tesla.  He gave us some legit inventions, revolutionizing the entire world with alternating current and also ideas about wireless electricity and other stuff that the government supposedly suppressed.

By supposedly, I mean the FBI seized and classified all of his research as soon as they heard he had died.  And suddenly patents and commercial applications that previously "weren't viable" were being handed out like candy to government contractors.  "If anybody's going to make money in this country, it's going to be me!"

Tesla went on record saying something about "The world can only tolerate one life-changing invention per generation," but I'm pretty sure his inventions were responsible for all of the events of that Stephen King movie The Mist.

Seriously, tell me this isn't cosmic horror straight out of an H. P. Lovecraft story:

tesla electricity

Come on, bro. We all saw The Prestige.

That picture is from 1900 from Tesla's Colorado Springs laboratory just before Cthulu busted through into our universe.  So why am I even showing you this?  Because it turns out you can make music with it!  I'm not going to get into all of the science behind it.  Wikipedia has me covered and I don't want to be held liable for you frying yourself.  What I will do is show you a video of some knucklehead playing the Mario Bros theme song though.

That doesn't look very safe.  I bet those guys got grounded or at least didn't get their allowances that week.  Sure, they said.  It's just run-of-the-mill electricity, they said.  It's just "plasma filaments."  Looks like inter-dimensional tentacles to me.  What do I know, though.  I'm no rocket surgeon.  Just don't blame me when the Men-In-Black clean up crew shows up on your front lawn to battle the Being From Hyper-Reality.

evil electricity

If you think this is crazy, playing the Mario theme safely from a distance like little babies, then you need to check out our post on the group ArcAttack, because you ain't seen nothing yet.  The guitarist puts on a suit of armor that acts as a Faraday cage and stands between the two Tesla coils.  By using his guitar as a MIDI controller, he's able to play any song he wants on the fly through the coils, and the bolts of electricity that make the music shoot towards him and his guitar.  But it's not just towards... they connect the whole time.  And to add to the craziness, they even have a robot for a drummer.  Not even kidding.

Like the equally crazy Theremin, the plans to build one of these are out there on the web in full detail.  Just don't blame me when some cosmic dragon "eats" your car.  Of course, if you do go messing with this technology, be very careful because the danger is real.  Just because some guys on the internet posted some shenanigans without getting hurt doesn't mean a lot of other people didn't get zapped like bugs.  Don't take anything involving electricity lightly!

The tesla coil makes our list of 21 weird instruments under the name of the Zeusaphone.  If you liked this, then you'll definitely enjoy scrolling through that one.  Check it out!