The Scrub Board - DJ Scratching on Cassette Tapes

This is straight up gangsta.  *wicky wicky skerra*

Jeremy Bell has been refining his personalized scratching device, called the Scrub Board (not to be confused with the wash board instrument), which allows him to perform disc jockey style scratching without records or a record player...

So how does he get it done?  With audio cassette tapes and a tape player!

The coolest part is his newest addition of "The Rocker" which allows him to access both layers of the stretch of tape.  He records sounds onto the cassette, marks of the positions, and away he goes.

This is literally one of the coolest things I've seen.  It makes scratching very accessible for almost anyone.  He just needs to refine it, package it, sell pre-recorded strips of tape, and bam he made a clean milly.  I might have to hit him up about it...

Extra points for the Mr. Bungle shirt!

With almost all new instruments coming out being based on MIDI, it's incredible for this genius to have found a unique path forward.  Check out how he intends on building the final result, making it more like a guitar / keytar type of instrument:

scrubboard beta

Edit: Make sure you catch up with Jeremy and his progress in our newest post about The ScrubBoard and catch a peek at his new performance featuring not one but two guitar loops on the rocker!