ATTN: Cover Band Vocalists - Learn Lyrics Fast!

If you're a cover band vocalist or a teenager sitting in his bedroom trying to memorize lyrics for street-cred at school, you know how much of a pain it is to listen to a song or verse over and over trying to cram every single word into your goofy little pee-brain.


We've all tried reading along, singing along, writing lyrics down by hand over and over. None of it works that great.

Sure, having a melody to interlace helps us remember, but there's a new way, a better way of memorizing lyrics in town, and that's called  It's free, you can log-in and track your stats, and even translate the songs into ten languages so far, with more to come.

What's the gimmick here?  Well, first off it's not a gimmick, you meanie-head.  Usually we learn lyrics by writing them or just listening to them over and over.  But when you bring another sense into the mix, which is the visual sense, learning is accelerated big time.  So the "gimmick" is that you watch the official music videos of the songs you're trying to learn and all of that fires off your neurons and you magically learn the lyrics 100 times faster.  But wait, that's not all!

The cool part is, you're watching the YouTube video of the song you need to learn as you go, and it's played like a video game with difficulty settings where after you master one level you can jump up to the next.  The game randomly yanks out nouns and verbs that you have to test yourself and see if you know what they are.  The harder the difficulty level, the more words are missing.

You can learn the lyrics to the songs you're covering in a heartbeat this way, and it's actually interesting instead of boring, rote effort.

learn lyrics fast

You have to admit, that's pretty cool.  I now know six words to Katy Perry's "Roar" song just from getting that picture together.  What you see above is easy mode, where you have less gaps to fill in.  Eventually you're jumping up to expert mode, where depending on the tempo of the song, it might be more of a typing game than a lyric learning game.

You can just as easily not type along and just go for it in your head though.

Right now there are a boatload of genres being fleshed out and it's constantly growing.  Heck, it might be automatically converted using YouTube's closed caption function for all I know.  I don't know how many total songs they have but as I looked, I didn't see much that a pop cover band wouldn't play.  Give it a whirl and see if they have what you need.  They've got all the decades covered and it's only growing.

If I was a band leader / vocalist, I'd only choose from the list of songs that are available on this site and never explain to my bandmates why and how I made my choices.  Lazy life!  If I wanted to work hard, I'd have chosen to learn an instrument.