How to Build Guitar Calluses

What are Guitar Calluses?

A guitar callus is a thick pad of skin that develops on the fingertips of a guitarist’s non-strumming hand from their constant manipulation of the fretboard and strings.

Shorter, Frequent Practice Sessions

More frequent sessions of less duration are not only better for learning but will accelerate the rate at which you grow calluses. Long sessions before you have solid calluses are how you end up with blisters instead.

Spend Time With an Acoustic Guitar 

An acoustic with steel strings requires more force and usually have higher action. If you tolerate this long enough while avoiding the smooth nylon strings of a classical guitar, you’ll grow your thick skin pads faster.

Start With Medium or Heavy Strings 

You’re better off pressing and rubbing against thicker gauge strings with their ridges and bumps, which will quicken the rate of growing calluses. We give our suggestions on string gauges and brands in our Guitar Strings Guide.

Keep Your Fingernails Trimmed

If your fingernails are hitting the strings on the neck, then they’re relieving pressure and friction from your fingertips. This will slow down the process of growing good calluses and can lead to ugly situations when you try to slide and end up tearing off a piece of a nail.

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